Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Washington, DC

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Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Washington, DC

Washington, DC. The nation’s capital, seemingly packed to the brim with landmark institutions, events, and activity everywhere you look, visitors and locals alike will not fail to find more than enough to do here around the year. Between travelers composing an itinerary for a getaway and curious locals, there’s something for everyone here in Washington DC. Read on for some of our favorite places to cool off and beat the summertime heat here around the capital.

Six Flags America

For an exciting option that the whole party will enjoy, take the group to Six Flags America, where visitors can beat the heat with thrilling roller coasters, relaxing lazy rivers, daring raft rides, and chilling waterslides. Whether you are looking for a location where the whole party can cool off together, a cool escape to waves and gentle streams while the kids tire themselves out, or an option with something for everyone, Six Flags America is a great addition to your summer trip.

Kings Dominion and Soak City  

One of the region’s premier attractions for thrills, rides and refreshment during the summertime, all visitors to Virginia this season should consider Kings Dominion and Soak City. Featuring the Zoom Flume, a raft ride for the whole group, the Xtreme SkyFlyer, soaring WindSeeker, massive Tidal Wave Bay, riveting Paradise Plunge, relaxing Lazy River, and so many more, Kings Dominion has something for everyone. Whether preferring a relaxing day floating on the water, looking for more gentle rides, or an adrenaline junkie, visitors of every interest and thrill level will find more than they can fit in one visit. Take the whole party to Kings Dominion and Soak City, a great option for groups of any size and any interest.

Kayaking, Boating the Potomac

Tour the waterfront of the capital and view many of the capital region’s most renowned landmarks from the Potomac. Whether only for a short stretch of river or an extensive tour, there are a number of launching sites and rentals along the Potomac river that are a great and relaxing way to cool off on the water while seeing so much of the best that the capital has to offer. We recommend any of the formal kayaking tours for a bit less planning needed, just turn up to the tour and enjoy paddling the Potomac.

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