Best Places to Take Pictures around Washington, DC.

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Washington, DC. The nation’s capital, seemingly packed to the brim with landmark institutions, events, and activity everywhere you look, visitors and locals alike will not fail to find more than enough to do here around the year. Between travelers composing an itinerary for a getaway and curious locals, there’s something for everyone here in Washington DC. Read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures here around the capital. 

National Mall

Of course, the premier attraction in all of the nation’s capital is this majestic and rich concentration of historic and important landmarks. This has remained the go-to way to announce and show to all your visit to the capital, and not without reason. Among these sites at the National Mall are the United States Capitol, the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Museums, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. With so many major sights of Washington and even more in proximity to the Mall, all visitors make sure to include this on your itineraries.

National Zoo

For a more lighthearted photoshoot, come stay a while at Smithsonian’s National Zoo, where visitors can catch selfies and cameos with some of Washington DC’s most eccentric personalities, the residents of the National Zoo! Here, visitors can take pictures with bison, elephants, otters, wallabies, sea lions, cheetahs, and most famous of all, the giant pandas! For a sure conversation starter suitable for travelers of all ages, bring your party to the National Zoo.

Library of Congress

One of the world’s largest libraries, the Library of Congress is truly a sight to behold, where visitors will become lost in it’s 171 million items, including some 25 million cataloged books, materials in over 450 languages, and historic copies of the Declaration of Independence! This is a great way for your party to explore and tour some of the most important texts and documents to the nation, as well as tour this truly unique facility.

US National Arboretum

If you’re looking for a lush, green, and verdant landscape in the dense city of Washington DC, fret not, because the US National Arboretum is here. For both casual and formal photoshoots, all photographers will delight in this slice of emerald quiet, a vacation from your vacation and a place to just unwind. 

Washington National Cathedral

This landmark building is striking in its opulent detail and lights, a great nighttime addition to any tours around the city, and another famous face we recommend visiting while in Washington.

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