Flower Gardens in Oakland, CA

Oakland. A beautiful city known for its deep roots in trading, its lively nightlife, the city’s beautiful parks, and its wide array of things to do, Oakland is a city that exudes excitement! A wonderful idea while you are exploring the city during the seasons of spring and summer is escaping the urban environment and surrounding yourself with the beautiful colors and smells of the season by visiting the city’s flower gardens. With that said, the city of Oakland offers numerous garden centers that will help you make a seamless transition into the warmer seasons of the year. Let’s explore the city of Oakland and find out the best flower gardens that you should check out. 

The University of California Botanical Garden 

There are many wonderful things about visiting the state of California, and the University of California Botanical Garden is one of them. The University of California Botanical Garden is not only open to the students who attend the university but also to the public. In order to visit this beautiful and unique garden, you must make a reservation for a two hour visit that is well worth it! The University of California Botanical Garden sits on thirty four acres of land and boasts one of the most diverse and unique landscapes in the world. The botanical garden offers over 10,000 different types of plant species, some of which are rare and endangered. There is no other garden like it, making it a must-see when spending time in the state of California. Visit the University

of California Botanical Garden and be prepared to stroll through one of the most unique and diverse gardens that is available today. 

Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve 

One of Oakland California’s priced gardens is the Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve. The Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve offers a vast and beautiful landscape, full of trails that visitors are welcome to hike through, plants that are native to the area, and an array of activities to enjoy. For example, one activity that the Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve includes is a Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve original scavenger hunt that will challenge those who participate to find the most flowers that are on the scavenger hunt list. With activities in abundance, the Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve is an excellent way to get the kids outside and enjoy some fresh air as you all appreciate the beauty of nature. Visit the Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve and find out why this garden is one of Oakland California’s favorites. 


Lake Merritt Gardens 

The gardens at Lake Merritt sit on seven acres of land and offer themed gardens that include the Bonsai, Mediterranean, and Rhododendron gardens, all of which are beautiful and are a treat to explore. The gardens at Lake Merritt also offer gardening workshops that will help teach your kids how to acquire a green thumb at a young age. Visit the gardens at Lake Merritt and have a new appreciation for the beauties of nature!


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