How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Detroit, Michigan

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How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Detroit, Michigan

Travel with knowledge, fit in as a local in any city you visit, and learn some essential pieces of knowledge that will help you know the city you are visiting beforehand. Welcome to your one stop shop for all things needed to know before visiting a city. From hole in the wall establishments that only the locals know about to basic facts to know before visiting that will help you not look like a tourist in the city you are traveling to. Let’s face it, looking like a tourist is not what anyone wants. We want the locals to embrace us as one of their own, and we want to traverse the city we are visiting with confidence and enjoyment. Here in this article, we will be exploring Detroit, and listing all the things needed to know before you go so that you won’t look like a tourist. Follow the links provided under each option to further your planning. Thank you for being a well-informed traveler and have safe travels. 

Do These Things to Not Look Like a Tourist

Need a Car?

You will most likely need a car if you wish to get around the huge city freely and unbothered by the craziness that happens in the streets. Of course, you are also free to ditch the car and explore the streets of Detroit without the hassle of driving. If you are traveling without a car try using some of these transportation methods because the city of Detroit is huge and traveling by foot will only decrease your chance for opportunities. 

QLine Shuttle

MoGo Bikes

When Not to Go

Winters are harsh in Detroit. Usually lasting between October to April. If you are looking for less tourism of course I would recommend visiting in the winter, but just be prepared for the unpredictable weather and harsh conditions. June, July, and August are swamped with tourists so the hotel prices will be expensive and traveling will be a hassle. Try and visit around late spring for optimal traveling expenses and weather that is just warming up.

Detroit Sports

Like most major cities, Detroit is a city of passionate sports fans. You don’t have to look too hard to catch some amazing sporting events. Catch a Detroit Lions game if you love football. Just make sure to support the home team and wear some blue if you wish to fit right in and be accepted by all the locals. For more information, please follow the link below.

Must Eat Restaurants

Take some time to venture around the city and find all the local favorite spots to eat. Enjoy the food that is full of soul and enjoy the city like a local that knows all the best places to eat. Better yet, ditch the high touristy places that none of the locals go to anymore. For more information, please follow the links below.


The Whitney

Hygrade Deli

Looking for Detroit Airport Parking?