BBQ Cook-off Competitions Near Detroit, MI

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BBQ Cook-off Competitions Near Detroit, MI 

Detroit. A historic city also known as the “Motor City” for being the birthplace of the automobile. Detroit is also known for its history in sports with the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Pistons sports teams, its music and art culture, and its nightlife. Detroit is a city that exudes excitement. When the weather starts to get bright and beautiful during the summer season, it’s time to get the grilling started. Not only is it fun to enjoy grilling at the comfort of your own home, but a great summer pass time is enjoying and participating in bbq cook-off competitions to not only fill your belly with the seasons delicious foods, but also compete to see if your signature recipe can win over the hearts of the judges and those attending. When looking for bbq cook-off competitions that are near Detroit, fers plenty of options. Let’s take a look now at some of the most tasty and fun bbq cook-off competitions that Detroit has to offer. 


If you find yourself in Detroit this summer and you are looking for a fun event to enjoy tasty barbecue and also compete, the Summerfest is perfect for you. Summerfest is an event that Auburn Hills hosts every year that oozes the

spirit of summer. Summerfest is an event where all is welcome and features live music from many different genres, delicious barbecue, and a huge selection of craft beer. Summerfest is an outdoor festival that takes place in downtown Auburn Hills. This festival offers delicious barbecue from the best of the best from all over the country who are eager to serve event goers ribs, smoked meats, brisket, and much more. If you are a grill master and feel up for the challenge, Summerfest hosts the annual BBQ Cook-off, giving you a chance to earn bragging rights and prizes. You can’t forget the drinks, with this event boasting many different kinds of drinks such as craft beers and cocktails. Grab your ticket today and enjoy one of the best barbecuing events near Detroit. 

Swiggin’ Pig Barbecue Festival 

A wonderful event to attend when looking to fill you and your families bellies up with amazing barbecue is just south of Detroit at the Swiggin’ Pig Barbecue Festival. The Swiggin’ Pig Barbecue Festival is held annually and will have your mouth watering as soon as you arrive. Step out of your car and you will smell the tasty aroma of juicy ribs, mouth watering brisket, and tender pulled pork sandwiches. This event starts at 5p.m. and is located in downtown Wyandotte. This event is expanding each year with even

more attractions and offerings, so gather your family together with empty stomachs and prepare to feast and have fun at the Swiggin’ Pig Barbecue Festival. 

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