Best Places to Take Pictures around Detroit, MI

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Detroit. This bastion of industry, the arts, culture and history has its presence in so many different fields, and it doesn’t fail to entertain its residents year-round. Whether you are a visitor, returning home to see friends and family or a local looking for something to do close to home, you’ll find that Detroit truly has so much to see and do. Read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures here around the Motor City.

Michigan Central Station

Tour this relic of the Motor City and it’s impressive heritage, and find your inspiration between towering columns and its Beaux-Art architecture. This storied location marries the urban rise, fall and rise of Detroit with its heyday for a unique backdrop for those more creative projects, providing for ample space for any number of photoshoots. These days, the station is undergoing a renovation as a hub of mobility and innovation, soon to take up the role of exposition center, of interest to those visitors with an interest in technology. 

The Heidelberg Project

This is one of Detroit’s most stunning and one-of-a-kind art installations, a street of Detroit turned into a truly unique and special outdoor art exhibit, combining creativity, expression and community in a way that is reflective of the Motor City’s Character. Here, houses decorated in toys, painted as the city’s canvas, walls of knicknacks, and overflowing boats are just some of the bizarre and intriguing sights visitors will find here. This is great as a subject of its own, solo photoshoots or any experimental projects, as well as meriting a trip in itself just to admire the installations. 

The Guardian Building

Inside this local giant of Detroit, visitors will find glass and metal works in intricate design, tall, spacious and arching ceilings and an interior accurately summed up as iconic. This bold, elegant and grand space exemplifies all that Detroit was and continues to be, a great location for photographers of all backgrounds and interests to make the most of one of Detroit’s greatest works of architecture.

The Fisher Building

Another local staple, this building is another breathtaking step back in time to Detroit’s storied past as a hub of trade and activity, suitable for creative projects, formal shoots and the captivating addition to any social. Art Deco and the work of Albert Kahn adorn the hallways and many corners of this building, earning it the title of “Detroit’s Largest Art Object.”

Belle Isle

This is a triple threat, the Belle Isle Aquarium makes for a casual, yet charming setting harking back to Detroit’s heyday complete in its famous Key Lime tile, while the many parks around the isle provide for nature photography and group shoots. And last but not least, the views from this central position on the Detroit River give Detroit some of her best angles, for those cityscape photographers.

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