Sustainable Travel in Detroit, Michigan

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Welcome to the beautiful city of Detroit, Michigan. The list is long for the number of things to do, places to see, and what to spend your time and money on while touring around the city of Detroit. When planning our vacations or getaways we must consider our effect on the world as we partake in events within the city we are visiting. Are we limiting our carbon footprint? Will the money we spend on places to stay or events to see be used for the betterment of the city’s environment? Can the events I partake in be of enjoyment for me and also for the benefit of the great city I am visiting? Does the hotel I am staying at use green tactics for energy conservation and to lower their carbon footprint on the world?  All these questions are factors we need to consider when touring cities, and if we can get everyone on board with these eco-conscious ways of thinking and traveling then we will better the world as a whole and have these great cities to tour around for much longer.  Here are some great tips and tricks that are eco-friendly and a huge benefit to the city of Detroit. Feel free to explore the options listed here and follow the links provided to further your planning for your great adventure to Detroit.

Eco-Conscious Travel within the City

If you are visiting the wonderful and very busy city of Detroit and have not brought your car then you’ve made the right choice. The city is busy enough and has enough cars on the road as it is, so choosing to not bring your car was the smart move. The city is full of green options for traveling from destination to destination such as bike-share company MoGO.

This bike-share company made it their mission to supply convenience for the travelers of Detroit and to also make it apparent that they are supplying an alternative means of travel around the city that supports sustainable green methods. This means of travel saves you money, lets you explore the city with excitement, gives you the convenience of finding bikes all around the city, and gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are limiting your carbon footprint on the environment. 

For more information on how to use this green tactic of travel around the city please follow the link below.

Belle Isle Conservancy 

An urban park in Detroit that has the experience of a lifetime on a beautiful 982-acre island park. If you are seeking to get out into nature and reconnect to the planet then this destination will exceed all expectations. Our next sustainable event within the city of Detroit is the Belle Isle Conservancy where wildlife is abundant and where the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the earth welcomes you with open arms.

The island provides a huge, wooded area that houses small species and various plant life. It’s always rewarding to see these busy and modern cities hold onto their beautiful natural land and offer it as an oasis for animals to flourish and tourists to explore. The park also offers an aquarium, casino, museum, and many educational events. This destination is a must-see for people seeking a green, sustainable, and fun event to plan out while on their trip to Detroit.

For more information on how to schedule this amazing event out as a part of your next trip to Detroit please follow the link below.

Eco-friendly Places to Stay in Detroit

El Moore Lodge is a beautiful, urban building that offers long-term stays as well as overnight accommodations in a sustainably renovated building. El Moore Lodge takes care of their guests and provides green tactics of operations for the betterment of the world’s environment. Such as energy conservation tactics, water conservation methods, reuse of materials, and many green tactics they implement to lower their carbon footprint. The place is truly a thing to see with accommodations and comfort that exceed anything you have ever experienced before. 

When choosing a place to stay it is very important, we consider supporting and staying at places that not only accommodate the guest but also are conscious of the environment and its effect on it. By supporting the businesses that are eco-friendly and green, we are in turn setting the standard for other businesses to raise their standards when it comes to sustainable ways of operating and supporting the community that surrounds them. For more information on how to book your next stay at the El Moore Lodge please follow the link below.

Sustainable travel habits and the ability to be eco-conscious are a choice. When visiting these cities to enjoy their beauty and environment we must begin to make choices that keep these cities alive and healthy. In today’s world, we have the technology and funding behind choices that allow every consumer and tourist to travel sustainably and give back to these cities. The world is our home, and we must take care of it if we want to continue traveling and enjoying the beauty of our most beloved cities. Travel green and plan your trips with an eco-conscious mind. The choice of sustainable travel is one that not only benefits you but the whole world.

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