Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Detroit, MI

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Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Detroit, MI 

Detroit. A historic city also known as the “Motor City” for being the birthplace of the automobile. Detroit is also known for its history in sports with the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Pistons sports teams, its music and art culture, and its nightlife. The city of Detroit is a city that exudes excitement! After the spring season has arrived, people all over the globe look forward to the exciting holiday of Cinco de Mayo and all of the events that come along with this wonderful holiday. With that being said, the city of Detroit offers numerous opportunities to join the fun and celebration of Cinco de Mayo! Let’s explore the city of Detroit and find out how this city celebrates this beloved holiday! 

Dixon’s Violin and Friends 

When looking for an option when celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the city of Detroit, Dixon’s Violin and Friends is a perfect choice! Dixon’s Violin and Friends is located at the Voyager in the city of Detroit and is hosting an exciting Cinco de Mayo celebration. Dixon’s Violin and Friends is providing music for this event. Dixon’s Violin is a local music artist in Detroit is a talented violin artist who gives performances and Ted Talks and performs numerous different types of music that includes jazz, folk music, Latin, and Americana music, plus more. While this event is being enjoyed, the Voyager restaurant will be providing guests with a menu that consists of crab nachos, fish tacos, sweet potato tacos, lobster burritos, churros, and more. With all of the delicious food and drinks on hand along with the amazing performances that are sure to come about, Dixon’s Violin and Friends will be sure to be a wonderful event and an excellent way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. As a guest, you will need to bring your own chairs and blankets and this event will cost guests $30.00 to enter and kids need to be at least 12 years old to enter. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Dixon’s Violin and Friends for a wonderfully unique way to celebrate this special holiday! 

Fiesta Detroit 

Somos Cultural Creators and Fiesta Vibes have come together in order to provide a wonderful option when looking for places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Detroit. Fiesta Detroit starts during the week of Cinco de Mayo, allowing for not just a day of fun, but an entire week if you can’t contain your excitement for the beloved day of Cinco de Mayo. Fiesta Detroit features 20 different vendors for food and drinks, four different bands, DJs, break dancing, International Bigtime wrestling, and much more. This is the main event for Cinco de Mayo at Detroit, and is an exciting time for everyone. When in Detroit for Cinco de Mayo, take your family and friends to Fiesta Detroit and experience one of the best Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the area! 4875887

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