Our Favorite Festivals Around Detroit, MI

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Detroit. This bastion of industry, the arts, culture, and history have its presence in so many different fields, and it doesn’t fail to entertain its residents year-round. Whether you are a visitor, returning home to see friends and family, or a local looking for something to do close to home, you’ll find that Detroit truly has so much to see and do. Read on for some of our favorite autumn festivals and events here around Motor City. 

Dally in the Alley

One of Detroit’s largest annual festivals, chefs, artists, musicians, performers, and entertainers come together in a colorful, vibrant (and delicious!) event celebrating all that the city has to offer with a strong sense of community. Groups of all ages and sizes will enjoy the variety here at Dally in the Alley. Live music on multiple stages provides jams in various genres, while vendors boast kabobs, pizza, empanadas, pierogies, local catches, and more! Bring the whole group to enjoy music, tasty dishes and to browse Detroit’s talented local artisans here at the colorful Dally in the Alley. 


Theatre Bizarre

Theatre Bizarre is one of the more unique and captivating sights if you’ll be in Detroit during autumn. Here, musicians, daredevils, performers, and dancers come together for a sight that can’t be done justice in words. ‘Masquerade’ and ‘sideshow’ are just some of the labels for this event, featuring costumes, bars, and parties that go well into the night, performers from rock, to funk, and even barbershop quartets! For an attraction that goes well into the night with a truly dazzling array of music, dance, and everything spooky, take the group to Theatre Bizarre. 


Detroit’s hub for all things pop culture, crowds come every year to ‘geek out’ and enjoy the shared community for anime, cosplay, gaming, fashion and so much more. Here, visitors can interact with community icons, fan clubs, ask a favorite artist or voice actor questions in a panel, grab an autograph, and shop exclusive merchandise during this four-day event. The growing scale of Youmacon continues to expand its reach in all interests and bring bigger and bigger names, including Maile Flanagan, Brianna Knickerbocker, Tara Sands, Ray Chase, Richard Epcar, and more. Guests can also admire the range of intricate costumes or even participate directly in their own cosplays, or throw down in table-top and console gaming tournaments. For groups of varied interest and age, you’ll find something for everyone to explore here at Youmacon. 

America’s Thanksgiving Parade

Every year, Detroit’s Woodward Avenue fills with bands, troupes, floats, and the cheerful spirit of Thanksgiving in a fun and charming display of the visual and performing arts. If you are in Detroit for Thanksgiving, take the whole party to the streets for this fun parade and celebrate the holiday with the city in an entertaining spectacle with so much to see and so much community spirit. This is a great way for locals, new transplants, visitors, and returnees alike to all get to know the Motor City on a truly special occasion. 

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