Luxurious Experiences in Detroit, Michigan

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Our travels bring us to the wonderful and busy city of Detroit, Michigan. Where the city life never dies down and the opportunities for luxury and private events are plentiful. Welcome to your one stop shop for all events that offer luxury, exclusivity, and immersive travel experiences within the city of Detroit. Today we will be looking at some amazing classy and luxurious events within the city and list all things that are a must do when in the city. Hotels that treat you like royalty with superb service and classy rooms to fit your every need and beyond, restaurants that provide quality food and divine ambiance, and events to plan out that take our travels to the next level. Enjoy the city of Detroit with class this time. No more settling for averageness. Pack your bags accordingly. Bring a camera and some fancy clothes because you will want to make sure to dress your best for some of these luxurious events. 

Luxury Hotels in Detroit

Our first item on the agenda is to find a hotel that exceeds expectations. A hotel that bends the normalities of average hotels and delivers divine staying options. Something that takes our stay in Detroit to the next level and makes us feel like kings and queens while in the city. We are not just looking for a normal place to lay our head, we are looking for hotels that go above and beyond in the world of luxury stays. Make sure to follow the links provided below each option to reserve a room at one of these luxury hotels in Detroit. 

The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit

We start our search for luxury hotels off with a bang. Located on 1114 Washington Blvd is the wonderful and brilliant hotel of The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit. Be connected to the city and be able to walk to some of Detroit’s famous attractions. Enjoy the spa they have to offer to be treated like a king or queen. Dine at the Motor Bar and Boulevard Room for some elegant food and drink experiences. Most importantly make sure to reserve the Luxury Suite that has a better layout and more spacious feel than most homes. 

Detroit Foundation Hotel

One of the most upscale and unique architecture in the city of Detroit. Located on 250 West Larned Street is the luxurious Detroit Foundation Hotel that offers a staying experience that will be sure to create everlasting memories of those who stay here. The interior of the building is rustic and very comfortable. With wooden features that bring homey energy into the building to minimalist rooms that help you relax and destress from a day of traveling the city. Want to really upgrade the stay? In that case make sure to reserve the Commissioner’s Suite that has some of the most elegant features and attention to detail in a room you will ever experience. From velvet coaches to marble countertops to wooden walls that make the room feel as if you are in a castle on the other side of the globe. 

Best Restaurants that Offer Much More Than Quality Food

Our next task on the agenda of finding all things luxury in Detroit is to make sure your stomach is full of quality food, and your mind is blown from some of the most exclusive eating experiences that Detroit has to offer. I hope you are hungry for some of the best food and dining experiences because these restaurants will take your trip to a whole other level of luxury. I also hope you packed nice clothes because the last thing you’d want is to show up to one of these establishments underdressed.

The Detroit Club

Detroit’s Finest Luxury. Located on 712 Cass Ave is the famed Detroit Club. The club is much more than just a restaurant. Offering a membership style exclusivity to their accommodations such as a cigar bar, a spa, and a library all within the same building. However, our main focus will be on their Bohemia restaurant that serves divine foods ranging from gourmet burgers, divine seafood options, and exclusive wine brands. This restaurant has fine dining down and an even better ambiance once inside. 


Winner of Best Steakhouse in Detroit is the amazing restaurant Prism that is located on 555 East Lafayette Street. If you are looking for a divine eating experience surrounded by beautiful interior presentation and even more elegant food options, then this is the place for you. The Prism Restaurant has a business casual dress code so make sure to bring some fancy clothes. This restaurant is placed within the Greektown Casino Hotel so there are plenty of other options for entertainment other than just eating at the Prism. Enjoy some award-winning food options at prism accompanied by beautiful music and better ambiance, then make your way to the casino to win some of the money you just spent back.  

There you have it! Luxury is around every corner in Detroit and the options to upgrade your travels have never been so readily available in any other city. Treat yourself to some of the most luxurious events and destinations that Detroit has to offer. Spare no expense and live like royalty for the experience of a lifetime. Travel with class and enjoy the city of Detroit like never before. 

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