Are You a #Foodie?

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Are you a #Foodie? Foodies come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and from every country on earth. Whether you’re in love with breakfast, have a thing for juicy steaks, enjoy a decadent chocolate cake, or love the wild and exotic flavors no one else does, all foodies have one thing in common: they absolutely love good food. If you’re a foodie, you’re likely up for trying something new, you love to visit new places, and can’t wait for your next meal. Here are some fun ideas to enjoy yourself as a foodie while traveling or at home.

Choose Out-of-the-Way Restaurants

When you’re traveling, the easy thing to do would be to visit all the old favorites, restaurants you’ve been to before, the ones that are close by, or the steakhouse where you know exactly what’s on the menu. But a true foodie would haunt the lesser-known eateries, or those restaurants that are off the beaten path. It is sometimes the hole-in-the-wall establishments that have the best fare, and the mom-and-pop shops that serve the most mouth-watering meals. Take some time on your next vacation to do a little digging and see if you can find the little gems all the locals know and love.

Start a #Foodie Blog

This might be a suggestion for the more adventurous foodies out there, but why not start a foodie blog or other dedicated social media such as an Instagram account? Being a foodie is something we can all relate to, and who doesn’t love pictures and descriptions of glorious, delicious food? Whether or not you decide to open social media dedicated solely to your love of food, you can certainly take advantage of posting a picture with the #Foodie hashtag whenever you’re enjoying a fabulous meal!

Buy Cookbooks from the Region

If you’re on vacation, make sure you stop into the local bookshop or corner store and buy a recipe book from the region you’re visiting, whether it be in the South, on the West Coast, or even in Paris, France, it’s never a bad idea to broaden your cooking horizons by investing in a new cookbook every now and again. The bonus is that your family will be able to partake in your latest foodie endeavors with a meal straight from your own kitchen. Nothing wrong with that!

Enjoy Yourself

The good thing about good food is that it’s literally everywhere. From ethnic foods to comfort foods, breakfasts to desserts, dinners to brunch, the possibilities are endless when it comes to pleasing your palate. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Go ahead and try some sketchy food carts or small Asian diners. It’s often the restaurants we don’t suspect that offer the greatest food of all. What fantastic experiences are you passing by if you take such places for granted? Even if you don’t find yourself on vacation, explore various restaurants in your own city. What dives or diners have you been avoiding all this time? It might just be you’ll have the best meal of your life if you happen to pop in!

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