#Spooktober Activities to Have Yourself a Haunted Halloween

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What are some fun things to do during the month of #Spooktober that might get the whole family in the mood for Halloween? We have some ideas for you to take advantage of the season and perhaps start a few new traditions. Let’s take a look.

Visit a Haunted House

T’is the season of hauntings galore; why not find yourself a local haunted house? You’ll have loads of fun in the dark, being chased by actors in costume, and generally scared out of your mind. If you and the squad want to have a roaring good time, find yourself a “haunted house” and have a Spooktacular evening. If you’re more adventurous, you might explore a house that’s actually rumored to be haunted. You might not want to bring the kids, however.

Go to the Pumpkin Patch!

What Halloween is complete without pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns? Round up the whole family and enjoy the hayride at the local pumpkin patch. Pick out your pumpkin (or pumpkins) and take them home to carve and enjoy. The charm of the pumpkin patch is the country store, the corn maze, and of course, the hayride. Find a really good patch and you’ll be able to have fun the whole day long!

Decorate the house

We’re always in awe of the houses who go all out for Halloween. Why not make your house one of them? Giant spiders, monsters, graveyards, black lights, fog machines, the possibilities are endless! Be the talk of the town (at least the neighborhood) and go all out this year. The kids will have fun and so will your neighbors. 

Watch Spooky Movies

Make the entire month spooky by watching scary movies every night. Doesn’t matter if they’re truly scary or truly cringy, that’s part of the fun! From Freddy to Mike Myers, and from Chucky to the American Werewolf in London, pop some popcorn, grab the caramel apples, and have movie time together. You might even add in some classic horror films, such as The Birds and The Blob. Have some fun and don’t take yourselves so seriously this Halloween season. The kids will have a blast!

Design a costume

Why buy a ready-made costume at the store when you can peruse the discount rack and make one yourself? Go as a zombie, a vampire, a werewolf, but make it your own and don’t forget the props! You’ll have fun doing your make-up and applying fake blood, and even if you don’t, the kids sure will. Make some effort this Halloween and plan out the perfect costume, not only for your kids, but yourself as well!

The point of it all is to make the most of #Spooktober and have fun doing it. Make it a new tradition to go all out, dress it up, and do it right. Why should Christmas have all the fun? Put up a Halloween tree, decorate the house, and buy the full-size candy bars. Be the best house on the block!

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