A Guide to Parking Options and Costs for Disabled Travelers and Major Airports

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Whether you’re a frequent flier, or just someone who travels every once in a while, everyone enjoys leaving the house and going on vacation every now and then. While there are many things to consider when taking a vacation, one thing that should be considered is where you’re going to park, and how much that may cost. For the disabled, this can be especially challenging. Convenience matters more than anything else when parking if you’re a disabled traveler, although this does tend to come with some more expensive parking rates. Today, we’re going to have a look at the different parking options that major airports offer for the disabled, along with the parking rates that correspond with those specific parking spots. 

There are a couple of airports that we are going to use as examples so we can get an idea of the different parking options for the disabled. The first airport that we are going to point our attention towards is the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. CLE is one of the country’s busiest airports, and offers a good reference for how major airports may operate in terms of parking. The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport offers 5 different parking lots. The 5 different parking lots include the Brown Lot, the Orange Lot, the Blue Lot, the Red Lot, and the CLE Smart Parking Garage. Out of all of these parking lots, parking at the CLE Smart Parking Garage seems to be the best parking solution for those who are disabled. The CLE Smart Parking Garage is attached directly to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s terminal, providing easy access from the terminal to the parking lot via the skywalk. Parking at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s CLE Smart Parking Garage will cost you though, with the airport charging you $22.00 per day to park. 

The next airport that we are going to use as an example is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. PHX is one of the largest airports in the state of Arizona, and the airport offers numerous parking lots to choose from. These parking lots include the West Economy Parking Garage, the West Economy Park & Walk parking lot, the Terminal 3 Parking Garage, the Terminal 4 Parking Garage, the East Economy Parking Garage A, the East Economy Parking Garage B, the uncovered East Economy parking Lot, the 24th Street parking lot, and the Premium parking lot. As you can see, there are many different parking lots that the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport offers, but which one is best for the disabled? Out of all of these parking lots, we believe that both the Terminal 3 Parking Garage and the Terminal 4 Parking Garage are good parking options for the disabled. The reason that these two parking lots were chosen is because they are directly attached to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s terminals. This will provide the easiest access to the terminals, allowing for those who are disabled to let go of worry and not have to hop on a shuttle to get to the airport. However, parking at either of these parking lots will cost you – parking at the Terminal 3 Parking Garage and the Terminal 4 Parking Garage will both cost you the same rate of $30.00 per day. 

Now that we have covered a couple of airport parking options for the disabled, let’s take a look to find out ways that will make parking at the airport a smoother experience for disabled folks. These tips will be applicable for other airports, not just CLE or PHX.

Discounted Parking 

One important tip to remember when looking to park at the airport as a disabled person is discounted parking. As you could see with both Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the desirable parking for a disabled person can be very expensive. Many airports offer discounted parking for special needs guests. Simply look on the airport’s website before departure date and you may be pleasantly surprised at the deals that some airports are offering for their disabled guests. Some airports even offer free parking for those who are disabled. As long as you have the right permit and license plate, you’re eligible for discounted or even free rates, depending on the airport.

Airport Escorts 

One great option for disabled travelers is an airport escort. The process to request an airport escort is pretty easy: simply inform the airport staff of your disability and you will have access to an array of benefits, including an escort. The airport escorts make traveling alone a breeze, since the valets on staff will help carry your luggage and direct you around the airport. Many different airports offer this service, but be sure to call in advance to make sure these services are available as well as to let the staff know that you are in need of this kind of assistance. You can also often check the airport’s website for these services, to make sure you’re in the know before arriving at the airport for your flight.

Convenient Parking 

Of course, as a disabled person, one essential thing that you look for when parking anywhere is a close and convenient parking space. That’s why looking online at the airport’s map is crucial, so that you can find the most convenient parking that the airport is offering you. Unfortunately, these parking lots are often very expensive to park at, as we discovered when looking at the parking rates of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport as well as the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. If you find yourself parking somewhere that offers a shuttle service to get to and from the airport, there are usually lifts that will help guests in wheelchairs get inside of the shuttles as well as other things designed to assist the disabled. You can find convenient parking at the airport itself, with a hefty price tag – or you can check On Air Parking, a reservation site for third-party owned lots that offer complimentary shuttle services at every one of their lots.

Parking Apps 

Another great option for the disabled when looking to park at the airport is parking apps. Apps such as Parking Mobility provide you with a way to locate the closest parking spots available. Other handy features of parking apps can include letting you know low-traffic times at airport parking, so you aren’t rushing through parking lots during peak times, and security features that sync to your parking spot with satellites, so you can keep an eye on your vehicle while you’re away. With apps like Parking Mobility and many others, you can be assured that you will find the closest and most convenient parking that is available at the airport as well as extra security over your vehicle. On Air Parking offers an app for both Apple and Android devices, so feel free to head over and download it from your app store and check out the features and capabilities that are built to help make traveling easier.

On Air Parking

The rates at on-site airport parking can be challenging, especially for disabled travelers who often have a restricted income and have to make more financially conscious decisions during travel. You can head over to On Air Parking and check any of their available airports to see if the airport you’re traveling from has a third-party lot available for reservation. If you’d rather talk to a person than look at a website or on the app, you can reach On Air Parking’s customer service from 10am-7pm ET, Monday through Friday, by calling 888-487-2754 or texting at 424-532-8940.

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