What to do in Sacramento, California

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What is there to do in Sacramento? Sacramento is the capitol of the state of California, but you might not want to visit the capitol building or the Governor’s mansion. We have some amazing recommendations that are sure to bring you a wonderful day whether you’re in Sacramento for a vacation, a business trip, or if you’re a local. Let’s take a look at all this town has to offer.

First, we recommend the charm of the Old Sacramento Waterfront. The waterfront is full of so many things to do, it’s almost like a little city within itself! Shops, restaurants, attractions, and hotels abound, making the waterfront an all-day excursion. Take a walk along the water and be sure to stop in to one of the many eateries for lunch. Looking for that perfect souvenir? They have it here somewhere! What about fun for the kids? Yep, they have that too in various attractions. If you want to stay longer than a day, come and rest your head at one of the hotels on-site. You’ll love it down here on the waterfront!

Second, you’re sure to love the classics on display at Fairytale Town. This one will delight children of all ages as they walk through various worlds of make-believe. This attraction is based on fairytales and nursery rhymes with 26 different playsets with which to imagine and explore. All the old favorites are here, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe, the Gingerbread House, Cinderella’s Coach, Sherwood Forest, and much, much more! Come on out and give it a gander!

Do not miss the adventure at the Sacramento Zoo while you’re here. Open to the public, the animals are ready for you. While certain events and attractions are closed until further notice, all the exhibits are open. Wander the paths through Africa, the Arctic, and the Outback. Sacramento is famous for their zoo, so if you’ve never been, be sure to go! All the shops and restaurants are open, so round up the whole family and prepare for a day of happiness for all.

Finally, if you love to bike the great outdoors, you’ll love the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. The trail itself is 32 miles long. It starts at Discovery Park and ends at Beals Point. But you don’t have to merely ride a bike along the trail. Come ride a horse, bring your skates, go for a jog, or simply walk along the winding paths. If you do decide to take a walk, it is recommended to stay to the “soft” shoulder of the path in order to allow faster traffic to go by. If you do happen to bring your horse, remember, horses are not allowed on the paved trails. Lose yourself in nature and have the time of your life!

Sacramento has something for everyone to enjoy, whether you love to shop, want to become a kid again, check out the animals that share our beautiful planet, or spend a day on the trail, you’ll be sure to have your own personal adventure.


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