How to Find Safe and Secure Parking at Night at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport

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Sometimes flights leave late, or there are unforeseen delays, and you need to find a safe place for you and your car in the middle of the night. Customer service doesn’t begin taking calls for another six hours, it’s cold and dark, and your immediate options for parking are either too expensive or too sketchy. In this kind of situation, it may be hard to know how to proceed to find safe, secure parking here in Cleveland, especially in the long and dark winter nights. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a list of options and tips to park your car, safe and sound even in the dead of night. Read on for our comprehensive guide and recommended options for nighttime parking around Cleveland Hopkins Airport. 

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Parking

One of your most secure options is also going to be one of the most accessible, albeit for a relative premium – the parking of the Cleveland Hopkins Airport itself! Cleveland Hopkins Airport provides five different on-site parking options, all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with staff on location during all hours of operation. This is a huge benefit considering the difficult logistics of finding parking at nighttime, especially in the later hours between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., due to the lack of services generally available during those late night hours. 

One of your other options is the cutting-edge CLE Smart Parking Garage, at $6/hour and maxing out at $22/day, providing a seamless experience for travelers. This intelligent garage has some 5,000 parking spaces over multiple levels, and features an innovative and highly useful guidance system with electronic signage and LED occupancy lighting. Not only do these signs give a live report of available spaces on each floor, they also indicate the availability of spaces with a color-coded LED light system, highly visible and intuitive to existing color schemes. 

This greatly reduces the time you might have otherwise spent hunting for a parking spot, driving in winding paths up and down the rows of each level and engaging in tense standoffs to grab a parking spot as someone is pulling out to leave. Instead, simply drive to a level with spaces open, look out at the lights, and drive towards a green light to find a spot! Parking doesn’t get easier and is a breeze, saving you time, gas and most of all, preserving your patience by getting rid of one of the most daunting tasks for travelers.

In addition, being part of the airport, security measures are heightened, with dedicated security officers patrolling the smart parking garage at all times.

These high levels of security also extend to the surface Brown, Orange, Red and Blue lots, with ample lighting, camera coverage and security on-site as well as frequent stops by shuttles, which greatly reduces the risk of crime or vehicle damage. The surface lots are also notably more affordable, going from $20/day to $14/day depending on the lot. 

Valet Parking is also an option, for those who want personal care and attention to their vehicle, at $30 a day, providing the best in surveillance and convenience. 

Local off – site options 

In addition, there are a number of highly reviewed and trusted options in the area that charge lower rates through different parking services, for those who prefer not to park at the airport or have difficulties securing a spot with the airport during peak travel seasons. These options are also better for those planning in advance, and have an inevitable redeye flight they cannot miss, due to the ability to book in advance with these lots and garages through online reservations like the ones On Air Parking offers.

Travelodge Cleveland Airport 

This Travelodge is one of Cleveland Hopkins airport’s trusted partners, a well-established resource for travelers in the area. The Travelodge Cleveland Airport provides a well-lit, camera monitored and staffed location 24/7. There is a regular shuttle for travelers to make the short, two mile trip to the terminal, and also a complimentary continental breakfast served each morning! Parking is available by booking for up to 14 days, a better option for shorter trips. 

The Wyndham Cleveland Airport is another alternative, highly rated and also providing a speedy and punctual shuttle service every 30 minutes to the Cleveland Airport, with a fast five minute ride. All of the usual security features that come with a hotel also extend to your parking spot here. However, their shuttle runs from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., so this may not be an option for those who need to fly out in the late nighttime.

Doubletree by Hilton Cleveland Airport 

This is an economy option, costing extremely little compared to many other lots in the area, while providing the standard security of a hotel parking spot, at a low $4 a day. However, this extremely low price comes with a more no-frills model, and while space and security for your vehicle is provided, the shuttle service is temporarily suspended at the time of this article, meaning you might have to take a quick bus or Uber for the 10 miles to the terminal. This may seem to be an undue cost, but for a longer trip, the savings from the much lower daily rate adds up, and you’ll still come out spending a lot less including this extra trip. 

Park N Fly 

Park N Fly with Cleveland Hopkins Airport also comes with a range of plans, with the uncovered self-park being $12.95/day and their cheapest rate through the airport at $15/day. However, this option also comes with 24/7 access, a free car wash, luggage assistance and the luxury service of personally bringing your car to the airport when you arrive home, which is a very welcome extra feature rarely offered by airport parking services. They also provide a regular shuttle for travelers who are parking their vehicle for their departure, making it easy for you to get to the airport on time for your flight.

Tips for safe parking 

Finally, we have some additional tips specifically to help you have a safe parking experience. If security for you and your party, as well as the vehicle, is a priority, prioritize it in your search too! This means giving preference to garages and lots with lots of security options. Choosing a garage or lot that openly, forwardly, and transparently shows their security features is a great start. Hotels are a good general start, but garages and lots, and their performance, in this category vary wildly, so make sure to choose wisely. If you have any valuables you will not be taking with you on your trip, it’s highly recommended to conceal them. This could mean tucking them away, under something innocuous and ordinary looking, or hiding them. Leaving valuables out in the open can make for a more attractive target for thieves, and while security may be able to investigate, chase down a criminal, or record the incident, it is much better to avoid the risk entirely. 

Another step you can take is to park in a well-lit area. Most reputable garages and lots will provide ample lighting for this purpose, but not all spots are created the same – some have notably more light, and will thus be a less attractive target for crime than others. 

While parking your car or returning to your vehicle, it is also recommended to have your keys in your hand before you reach your vehicle. This is to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get back into your vehicle, and get you inside locked doors quicker. Stopping to look into your bag or luggage for your keys greatly decreases your awareness of surroundings and makes you an easier target, especially if traveling alone at night. Photographing and noting the car’s surroundings is also another good step to take, not just to be aware of hiding points for criminals but also to help you quickly find your car after the trip. 

Finally, if traveling alone, don’t be afraid to ask for an escort! Whether it’s staff, a manager, or dedicated security personnel, you can request an escort, and this request will usually be granted. This also greatly reduces your risk of crime – nobody wants to target a traveler with police or security as an escort. Alternatively, the ‘car locating’ service many lots and garages offer is an indirect way to request this service, since most airports will aid your search on foot, therefore accompanying you physically. 

You can always look for off-site parking with On Air Parking, available across the nation with cheap parking, free shuttles, free cancellation up to the date of your reservation, and safe lots that keep you and your vehicle in mind.

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