A Tourist’s Guide to Fun Things in Cleveland

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Photo by Steve DiMatteo on Unsplash

Cleveland is a gorgeous city, and there’s tons to do in it! If you’re a tourist coming through for a visit, you might be a bit lost or feeling a little scattered on the variety of fun things that you can do in Cleveland. Luckily, we’ve created this short list of things to do! If you need to park at an airport for your flight to Cleveland, or need somewhere in the city to park, feel free to check out On Air Parking. They are a website that supports reservations for third-party owned lots, and offer the cheapest rates.

A Christmas Story House

One of the attractions Cleveland is well-known for includes the A Christmas Story house, which is the iconic filming location for the film adapted from the novel by Jean Shepherd. When visiting the house, you’ll be walking through an exact replica of the famous Parker family home. You’ll be able to see the iconic leg lamp, and you can even take selfies next to the Christmas tree! There is also a museum across the street commemorating the film, and there’s also a gift shop so you can purchase trinkets and souvenirs. You can even stay the night at the house! You can check out tickets to visit the house online here.

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland Botanical Garden, which has been available to the public since 1930, is located in University Circle. The space originally belonged to the Cleveland Zoo, but 10 acres are being used for the Cleveland Botanical Garden. There’s two beautiful, climate-controlled glasshouses that offer a respite in harsh Ohio winter conditions, allowing you to still take in the beautiful plants and flowers. The botanical garden occasionally has events, so be sure to check out their calendar if you want to visit for a particular event! There’s also a small library on-site which focuses on ecology, urban and general gardening, sustainability, food plants, and conservation. The books range in age, so it’s perfect for youngsters and adults alike! Tickets range in cost from $19-$13 – children two and under enter free. You can look at their tickets and purchase them online here

Cleveland Metroparks

No list of things to do in Cleveland would be complete without the amazing Cleveland Metroparks. This is an outdoor playground, including winding rivers, a Great lake, lots of trails, outdoor adventures, beaches, and parks. This makes it great for adults and kiddos, because who doesn’t love to be outside? The entire network of Cleveland Metroparks is nicknamed The Emerald Necklace by locals because it’s actually 18 separate parks in the northeast Ohio area. Entrance to all 18 of the parks are free, so this has no price tag attached to it.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Does anyone else remember the movie, Night at the Museum? I do! It was a great film, and although it wasn’t filmed at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, anytime I see that dinosaur, I laugh because I just remember the film. If you’re like me and would love to be surrounded by natural history, soaking in knowledge about the past, you can absolutely take a trip to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Tickets range in cost from $7-$10 for general admission, so it’s still a pretty budget-friendly option. You can purchase your tickets in advance online here.

Whether you’re a family, a couple, or a solo traveler, Cleveland has something to offer anyone with its variety of museums, gardens, parks, and events! You can always check out the Cleveland event calendar to spice up your itinerary. And, if you’re traveling and want to cut costs where you can so you can maximize spending on things that matter like great food or events, you can always check out cheap parking from On Air Parking. Reservations are available online or through their Apple and Android compatible app!

Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash