Exploring the Most Unique Airport Parking Options in the US

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Stop right there – unique airport parking options are a thing? Yes! They are! You might be on the hunt for airport parking and want to find something that’s a little… Different. Look no further. On Air Parking offers bookings for third party owned airport parking lots, and there’s sure to be unique options in their listings.

Parking at LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Looking to park at one of the busiest airports in New York? LaGuardia comes in third, with second and first busiest spots being held by Kennedy and Newark as of 2019 data. According to LaGuardia’s statistics page, in June of 2022, they had 1,367,226 passengers, which was a 78.15% increase from the previous year. That’s a lot of people! As a result of their high traffic, LaGuardia has a robust parking program directly, along with third-party options like the ones offered through On Air Parking.

So what makes parking at LaGuardia Airport unique? First, the number of parking lots available – LGA has 5 parking lots available for parking. Two of them are available only through reservations: their Prepaid Economy and Discount Parking lots.

The Discount Parking is available for $18 for the first 24 hours, and the price decreases to $9 over 24 hours, each 12 hours, or fractions thereof. For Prepaid Economy, the price is higher – $29 for the first 24 hours; $14.50 over 24 hours, each 12 hours, or fractions thereof. Both reservation lots require reservations to be placed at least 24 hours in advance.

Turning attention to the Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C parking costs:

  • Terminal A:
    • Half an hour: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof, with a stay over three hours: $10
    • 24-hour maximum: $55
      • This states that the prebook rate (which is at least 24 hours in advance of parking) it drops the cost to $39
  • Terminal B:
    • Half an hour: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof, with a stay over three hours: $10
    • 24-hour maximum: $60
      • Same rules as Terminal A, if you prebook at least 24 hours in advance the cost drops to $39
  • Terminal C:
    • Half hour: $6
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof: $6
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof with a stay over three hours: $12
    • 24-hour maximum: $70
      • This one is different; it states that if you prebook at least 24 hours in advance, the cost drops to $45

What makes this parking lot unique? Well, LaGuardia offers vehicle services, which include flat-tire assistance, lockout assistance, jumpstarts, and helping you find your car in any of their available lots. They also offer long-term parking but only by contacting ABM the day you arrive, and they define long-term parking as a parking solution longer than 30 days. They also offer electric vehicle charging stations, and also offer free motorcycle parking near Terminal A.

In comparison to the rather high fees from LGA directly, On Air Parking also offers bookings for parking at LaGuardia Airport. These are third-party owned lots, and OAP helps make the reservations for vehicles just like yours. Parking at LGA starts at a low $8.99/day, beating LGA’s rates by miles. Along with several lots, they also offer valet service, costing only $15.95. All but one of their parking lots include complimentary shuttles to and from the airport, and the one that doesn’t is 4 miles away from the airport, a short 11-minute ride.

Parking at Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL)

Looking to park at Atlanta International Airport? Just like LGA, they offer their own in-house parking. What makes ATL unique is that they offer both domestic and international parking, and offer parking specifically for oversized vehicles.

To get a rough idea of the cost for parking at ATL:

  • Hourly: $36
  • Daily: $19
  • Economy: $14
  • ATL West Deck: $16
  • ATL Select:
    • Uncovered: $10
    • Covered: $14
    • Oversized: $28
  • Parking Ride Lot C: $10
  • International Hourly: $36
  • International Park Ride: $14

ATL also has in-house parking services. They state that they have security on-site, monitoring their parking facilities, assisting customers with parking needs, and providing courtesy assistance at the entrance for various parking lots from 7am-6pm daily, and will direct traffic as needed. Additionally, they offer assistance services, like free jump-starts, air, flat tire repair, and vehicle location assistance. They also have emergency information telephone call boxes and parking information is available in real-time on the Airport radio station 830 AM.

What sets this in-house parking apart is that they have a whopping 275 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout their campus. To top the cake, they also have a cell phone lot that is free, well-lit, and easily accessible for visitors who are expected to use it for a brief period of time while waiting for arrivals.

Even still, On Air Parking offers their usual booking services for third-party owned lots, at much cheaper rates than the ones through Hartsfield-Jackson directly. There are four lots available for parking from OAP, and start at a rate of $3.25/day. The farthest lot is 4.6 miles from the airport, and all four include a free shuttle service running at various points throughout the day – one of which runs 24/7.

Parking at Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Taking a look at our third and final unique, expansive airport parking option, we look at Orlando International Airport. MCO not only offers parking, they also offer rental cars! Looking at their parking rates by day:

  • Parking Garage A: $19
  • Terminal Top Parking: $19
  • Parking Garage B: $19
  • Parking Garage C: $19
  • North Park Place Economy Lot: $10
  • South Park Place Economy Lot: $10
  • West Park Place Economy Lot: $10

MCO also offers hotel guest parking ($14) and valet hotel guest parking ($18); valet parking for their lots ($25); and car detailing, which really sets them apart ($30-$45). They also have two free cell phone lots (North and South). Being Florida, Orlando International Airport also has parking specifically for cars with an E-Pass/Sunpass, making it easier for travelers on the Turnpike to park there. They also have spots specifically for oversized vehicles available in the South Park Place parking lot.

In comparison to the daily rates from MCO directly, On Air Parking offers Orlando International Airport parking starting as low as $2.99/day! They also offer a valet parking option, $3.99/day, and both lots have free shuttles running to and from the airport so you’re not going to miss your flight.

What sets On Air Parking apart as a third-party booking service? Starting with their rates: they are leagues lower than the rates charged by the airports directly, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars – this is especially true if you’re planning a long-term parking stay, which can get very costly very quickly if you’re staying at the airport itself. Then you look at their reviews; they are a 4 to 5-star service, and offer cancellations right up to the start date of your reservation. Their online booking process is quick, painless, and ensures your car has a spot on the day you need to park your car. They offer both valet and self-park options, so you have what you need depending on your comfortability levels. They even offer a texting service for help, and their customer service is available Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm ET by calling 424-532-8940.

So no matter whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term parking, On Air Parking has got you covered.

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