The Connection Between Airport Parking and Airport Security

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You might be wondering how airport parking and airport security are connected. One would reason that parking lots (especially airport parking lots) don’t need strict security – it’s just a parking lot, right? Wrong. People leave one of their most expensive, and possibly most valuable, possessions in a parking lot – their cars. People take the safety and security of their cars very seriously, as they should! So let’s take a look at airport parking and airport security, and how the two are connected.

Airport Parking

Airport parking is a fairly self-explanatory thing. Airport parking can refer to either on-site parking at the airport of your choice, or could refer to a third-party owned lot like the ones On Air Parking offers online reservations for. Several airports, big and small, offer on-site parking, although they are often quite expensive.

Take the on-site parking at Denver International Airport, for example. In 2021 alone, DEN reported that 28,625,137 passengers used their airport. Their statistics don’t expand on how many of those passengers parked their car at DEN, but one could assume it’d be a lot of them.

On-site parking at Denver International Airport starts in the garage, with a daily maximum fee of $30/day – each hour costing $7. Then we move onto Economy parking, which is a bit more financially accessible, maxing out at $18/day, dropping to $16/day for day four and beyond. It’s $6/hour. They offer Short-Term parking, maxing out at $168/day, $7/hour, and then there’s the pre-pay only parking option of their 61st and Pena parking, which is $7 a day. $5 gets you 12 hours at 61st and Pena. All of their parking lots are open 24/7.

DEN also offers their own, on-site shuttle service for $8/day.

In comparison, On Air Parking offers booking services for a third-party owned lot located near Denver International Airport. Even the shuttle offered by OAP differs from Denver International – OAP shuttles are free, available 24/7, and come by every 10 minutes. The parking starts at a low $3.75 a day, which is a wild comparison to DEN’s own on-site parking. This lot in particular offers complimentary free snacks, coffee, and a rose when you go into their lobby! This parking lot specifically also has wide and angled parking, so it can accommodate more vehicles than standard-issue parking space sizes and placement.

Taking a look at another popular airport – Jacksonville International Airport. Just like DEN, JAX has on-site parking. They have several options:

  • Hourly Garage: maximum rate of $24/day
  • Daily Garage: maximum rate of $20 day
  • Daily Surface Lot: maximum rate of $14/day
  • Economy Lot: maximum rate of $8/day
  • Economy Lot 2: maximum rate of $8/day
  • Economy Lot 3: maximum rate of $5/day

JAX also offers valet parking, charging $28 per 24-hour period, and charging $32 per 24-hour period for oversized vehicles.

Looking again to compare the cost of airport parking on-site versus OAP’s third-party owned lots, OAP offers parking at JAX starting at $3.90/day. There are two lots available, one located 1.9 miles away, the other located 3.5 miles away, both with a free shuttle service operating 24/7. 

Airport Security

We’ve talked a lot about airport parking. What about airport security?

Airport security can include airport parking lot security. Continuing our previous examples of Denver International Airport and Jacksonville International Airport, DEN states that their parking lots are well-lit, which eases worries of the dark hiding something or someone, and are monitored by parking employees. They go one step above just hiring their own security – their lots are patrolled frequently by the Denver Police Department.

As always, DEN recommends that passengers take their own measure of responsibility for collecting valuables and securing the vehicle with proper locks, and ensuring the vehicle has any applicable security alarm systems in place.

JAX specifically has the Jacksonville Aviation Authority Police Department, made up of law enforcement professionals who provide 24 hour service, seven days a week, to protect the traveling public. They don’t just service JAX, either – they include Cecil Airport, Jacksonville Executive Airport (JAXEX), and Herlong Recreational Airport in their patrols.

At the parking lot that’s closest to JAX on OAP’s website, they state they have a licensed, five-star valet facility with video surveillance cameras on-site and a security gate with monitored access. This ensures that your vehicle remains safe while it’s parked there.

Airport security has a huge impact on passenger’s trust with leaving their vehicle somewhere unattended for an extended period of time. Whether someone is parking their car in a lot for a short, three-day trip, or a long trip extending into a month or more, everyone deserves to feel like their vehicle is in the very best hands.

Airport security covers more than just parking lots. It encompasses all of the security necessary at an airport, from the front desk to the boarding gate. These measures are put into place to keep everyone safe, even if it makes people grouchy to have to take off their shoes for security.

Airport security also offers some services for vehicle issues like dead batteries, flat tires, or other issues. It can vary by the airport, but oftentimes these services are at no additional cost. Denver International Airport, for example, also includes helping you locate your vehicle and helping get your keys out of the car if you’ve locked yourself out. Jacksonville International Airport also offers services along those lines, like helping you locate your vehicle, recharging a battery gone bad, and inflating any tires that might have gotten low on air during your car’s stay in the lot.

The Connection

The connection is pretty obvious after looking at these examples of different parking lots, their safety protocols and measures, and how people navigate those experiences while also playing the endless juggling act of cost. Different levels of security come at different price tags, although with On Air Parking, you can often have the best of both worlds – cheap airport parking, and security measures along with other amenities like free shuttle services and sometimes even coffee!

Because there’s a difference between a secure airport, and a secure airport parking lot, airport security isn’t always tasked with the responsibility of also guarding their lots, but oftentimes, there’s some overlap between security in the airport and the security outside of it. Take Jacksonville International Airport – they have an entire squad of police dedicated to keeping airports safe, and that includes airport parking lots. And then there’s Denver International Airport, which has the Denver Police Department to patrol the parking lots and ensure each passenger’s vehicle is safe.

By booking your airport parking online, you guarantee you have the spot you need when you’re ready to park and fly – On Air Parking offers easy, painless, online bookings for all of their parking spots, not just the ones at Denver International Airport or Jacksonville International Airport. You can feel safe at a variety of airports by knowing that security patrols on-site and often offer courtesy services for your vehicle, if you choose to park on-site, like free air for your tires, battery jumps, and more.

On Air Parking offers four to five-star service, and their customer service is top-notch, available by calling 424-532-8940 anytime from 10am-7pm Eastern Standard Time. They are there for you if you need help in any part of your reservation process or even during your car’s stay in a secure lot.

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