Have You Been Bitten By the #TravelBug?

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How many times have you heard that “life is a journey, not a destination”? Probably several times. This same philosophy can be used for travel as well. We often think about our vacation as the destination we have in mind, but what if we caught the #travelbug and made traveling itself our vacation? Then our vacation would have several destinations, not just one.

Take a Road Trip in Another Country

If you want to spice up the old road trip, take one in another country. Drive the countrysides of Scotland or Ireland. Peruse the winding roads of Spain or drive down the peninsula of Italy. Don’t go to one town in particular, but several. If you’re not confident enough to drive through another country, you can take a train or even hitchhike if you’re adventurous. France and England are connected via the Channel Tunnel and traveling between the two countries is easier than ever. This is definitely a vacation for a #travelbug.

Pick a Random Spot on the Map

If you can afford it, pick a random spot on the map and figure out a way to get there. Don’t let that spot be the destination or the goal, but let your vacation unfold throughout the several stops you’ll take along the way. Make it a point to visit areas you’ve never been before, stay in hotels you’ve never seen before, eat at restaurants you’ve never heard of before. This is definitely a trip that will force you out of your comfort zone!

Learn All About New Cultures

If you travel to a foreign country, try to immerse yourself in the culture and seek out destinations and locales this area might be known for. Take hikes in a new area, go on foreign tours, seek out the things tourists do when they travel abroad. Don’t be afraid to take part in the odd tradition or eat the strange, new food. If you want to experience a life vastly different than your own, start here.

Have a Fun Goal

If you want to make your travel itself the vacation, you’ll want to have a fun goal. How many national parks can you visit and enjoy? How many national monuments can you see on your road trip? What famous mountains can you climb, how many blooming gardens can you tour, how many lakes, rivers, or other natural vistas can you seek to explore? How many states can you visit on your trip? How many Cracker Barrels can you eat at? Having a goal of seeing several things on your trip is a great way to make the trip itself your destination.

Whatever your choice of travel, the idea is to make sure your travel is where the fun is to be had. What’s next on the horizon? What’s new in this town? Or the next? Or even the next? Look for adventure wherever you go, and adventure will be sure to find you. Have a fantastic time!

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