Our Favorite Ways to Spend the Holidays Around Carnegie Hill, NYC

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Carnegie Hill. In this dynamic neighborhood, with its diverse collection of museums, notable architecture, activities, and residents from all walks of life there seems to be so much to do and see. With all that there is around Carnegie Hill, one does not have to look far to find events and activities. Whether you’re a tourist, visiting the city for friends and family, or a local looking for something around you, read on for some of our favorite events and activities in the Carnegie Hill holiday season.

Rotunda Solstice Concert at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Indeed, with so many major cultural institutions in the area, Carnegie Hill truly offers so much during the holiday season. One of these is the gem of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s winter season schedule, the Rotunda Solstice Concert performed by the Eyal Vilner Big Band! This is a great event for visitors who are looking for musical events while in the neighborhood- with the Rotunda Solstice Concert, you need not go far to enjoy some of the best that New York City has to offer.

Museum of the City of New York’s Tours and Stories

With such a wealth of museums in the area, it is no surprise that the residents of Carnegie Hill are always within walking distance to thought-provoking and inspiring programs of the various local institutions. Among these is the Museum of the City of New York’s winter schedule, routinely throwing parties, walking tours, storytelling sessions, and film screenings open to the public. Of all of the content put forth by the Museum of the City of New York to be free to the public, we recommend the walking tours personally led by staff of the museum, for a personal introduction to the different areas of the Big Apple. These walking tours are a great way for those less familiar with the city and its neighborhoods to gain deep and insightful knowledge of their surroundings, all in a digestible format.

Interactive Workshops at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Another blessing of the Carnegie Hill neighborhood is The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a world-class institution just as dedicated to its community as it is to the global community, in sharing the wonders of art and human expression. In line with this vision of serving communities around the world and at home, The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds online and in-person workshops for art for both school-age children and for adults. Send children to art classes directed by the staff of the Met, or to attend a storytime, or personally attend a class in creating surrealist art with others! The free opportunities afforded to the public and non-members are quite the opportunity for anyone residing so close to Met that we highly recommend them.

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