Best Picnic Spots Near Los Angeles, CA

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One of the many benefits of living in Los Angeles is the year-round sunshine, very rarely is the sun not beaming over the whole city, meaning that most days it is the perfect weather for a picnic. A picnic is a great way to give yourself a break from daily life and relax surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Therefore, we have put together a list of the best picnic spots near Los Angeles, CA, in order for you to be able to do just that.


From downtown Los Angeles, you can get to the Vista Hermosa Natural Park in less than ten minutes by car. It is an incredibly short journey for such a huge reward. As the name suggests, it is absolutely beautiful in this park and takes our number one spot for picnic areas. The luscious green open lawns stretch off into the distance wherever you are, and there are shaded areas under the trees where you can pitch up and completely switch off from the outside world. From here you can also get some of the best views of the city, and there’s even a waterfall to explore before you go home. As far as picnic spots go, this one is without a doubt perfect and is a great place for everyone including the kids as they have a playground to keep themselves entertained.


Griffith Park covers more than four thousand acres and is one of the largest parks in the country. This fact alone makes it a great picnic spot as no matter how busy it gets, you know that there will always be enough room to have a picnic with privacy. You can feel the fresh air in all corners of the park, and still, get the benefit of being able to gaze over the city.


If you fancy a bit of a hike before or after your picnic, then pack your bags and head to Buena Vista Meadow Picnic Area where you can spend as little or as long as you want following the various hiking trails and checking out the view of the city from all angles. Their picnic area is a perfect spot which is shaded and close to toilets, all the while being very secluded and peaceful.


At Crystal Springs Picnic Area you can combine your picnic with playtime; with a baseball diamond for the adults, and a playground for the kids, everyone is covered. As well as shaded picnic tables, there are also BBQ pits and lots of stunning scenery to provide the backdrop for your day out.

It is well known that Los Angeles is surrounded by some really heavenly nature, whether it be the mountains, the ocean, or the acres upon acres of trees, you are sure to find something beautiful wherever you turn. There are a huge number of picnic spots near L.A, so be sure to explore as many as you can.

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