Best Coffee Shops in Historic Core Los Angeles CA

The Historic Core of Los Angeles is a diverse and beautiful place and is the ideal area to spend an afternoon soaking up the culture and getting to know the area. However, after seeing the sights and exploring the neighborhood, you are certainly going to be in need of a coffee and a sit-down, so with this in mind, we have put together a guide below of the best coffee shops in the Historic Core of Los Angeles, so you can find the perfect spot to end your busy day.

Cafecito Pura Vida

This family-run coffee shop has love running through every inch of it. Head to Cafecito Pura Vida and learn what it means to drink a cup of the finest coffee in a warm and friendly atmosphere that will make you feel at home. The coffee used is imported from Costa Rica and micro-roasted to ensure quality and flavor in every drop. This business might be small but it has managed to satisfy the local community’s need for a cafe with fresh and flavorful products on a daily basis.

Address: 306 W 2nd St

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Bohemian House of Espresso + Chai

As the name of the cafe suggests, they are experts at creating the ultimate espresso, and the prime example of a chai tea latte, with bundles of care and attention, put into making every drink. The decor here is vibrant and inspiring, and it is the aim of this coffee shop to create an environment for the customers that is both inspiring and creative in order to make the perfect setting for anyone coming here.

Address: 548 S Spring St R110

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Nossa Familia Cafe

Nossa Familia Cafe is a good reminder of why it is better to go to independent coffee shops rather than chains because when a coffee shop is small they are able to care more, not only about the customers but for everyone involved. Nossa Familia focuses on producing exceptional coffee stemming from exceptional relationships with the farmers and suppliers, treating everyone in the chain like an extended family. After all, the cafe’s name in English means, Our Family, and that is how the owners see everyone who works for them, with them, or is a customer. Everyone matters and it feels better knowing that your coffee has a personal touch.

Address: 601 W 5th St

The Caledison

Los Angeles, CA 90071


Verve Coffee Roasters

For a guaranteed fine cup of Joe then head to Verve Coffee Roasters, where they make it clear that they know what they are doing when it comes to the coffee industry. This is a place where you can expect to be treated well, and receive an excellent product no matter what you order.

Address: 833 S Spring St

Los Angeles, CA 90014

Coffee shops have never been more popular, but not all of them get it right. However, with our guide, you will never have to suffer through a bad coffee again, and you can go straight to the best places to be!

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Best Michelin Restaurants near Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a place full of hopes, dreams and unbelievably good food; the area had a phenomenal number of restaurants submitted for consideration for Michelin stars in 2019, and many of them showcased their extraordinary talents, 90 of the restaurants subsequently received or retain their stars, and we have chosen a few of the best for your pleasure.

Urasawa, Beverly Hills

Having been described as an exemplary sushi temple by a Michelin inspector, this sublime Japanese restaurant has earned its 2-star accolade. There is no menu in Urasawa, rather it is a chef’s selection consisting of 30-courses; head chef, Hiroyuki Urasawa, who was once the understudy of the world-renowned Masa Takayama, shows off his remarkable expertise and attention to detail on a nearly daily basis in the open kitchen, where your eye is often fixated on just how much of a master at work Urasawa is. The food selection enables diners to experience the freshness of the seafood, taken from the Pacific Ocean, that is used; a great variety of drinks are also available, including a high-quality smooth sake. Once you are able to take your eyes off the chef, you will notice the beautiful Japanese decor and the ceramic bowls that have been specially handcrafted. Head to their website to book yourself into a restaurant full of culture and tranquility –

Providence, Hollywood

With Los Angeles being so close to an array of the freshest fish from the Pacific, it is no surprise that another 2 Michelin star restaurant focuses heavily on seafood in their menu. Despite featuring a lot of seafood, Providence also has options for people who are not in the mood for seafood, including duck as part of their signature menu, or a variety of vegetarian dishes, which are according to the season, and cheeses, although regardless of what you choose, the flavors are sophisticated and well structured. Providence has been a success for more than ten years, really standing the test of time when other well-known restaurants around them were closing. The ambiance is more of a formal one, with an elegant interior, well-dressed staff, and a dress code to adhere to. Head chef, Michael Cimarusti, does a grand job in leaving you feeling like you have had the fine-dining experience that you would expect. Check out the website for more information, and to reserve a place –

Dialogue, Santa Monica

Dialogue is the epitome of sophistication, from the interior design, the drink choices, and the menu that takes the diner on a journey through the current season’s offerings, in the form of a story; this restaurant has thought of every last detail to make you feel like royalty. Dialogue is a place of intimacy, with a small number of tables and counter seats, as they like to encourage conversation between the customers and staff, which makes for a cosy environment, and enhances the evening. The selection of food, which is seafood-based, is changed every three months, not only to change with the next season but to ensure that there are always new flavors and combinations to be excited about. Dialogue is a fantastic representation of what it means to be a 2 Michelin star restaurant and is truly a wonderful place. Reservations must be made in advance and can be done via their website.

If you are a seafood lover, you are spoiled for choice in the Los Angeles area; the majority of the Michelin restaurants are places that take advantage of their proximity to the ocean, and rightly so. You can be sure that you will be hard-pressed to choose your favorite seafood restaurant.

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