How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Los Angeles, California

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How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Los Angeles, California

Want to not look like a tourist in the city you are visiting next? It isn’t difficult at all to fit in with the locals and not look like a tourist when this article exists. Travel with knowledge on when the least touristy time of the year is to visit, what to wear to look like a local, local hole in the wall establishments that only the locals know about, and many more essential facts, tips, and tricks to know about the city you are visiting. Being a tourist is not a bad thing but looking like one certainly makes the locals’ blood boil. With the information in this article, you will be able to be a tourist without the occasional eye rolls from residents that spot you from a mile away. Travel with confidence and fit right into the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. Safe travels my fellow explorer.

Key Things to DO and NOT DO

Los Angeles is a place of diversity and innovation. With restaurants that bring absolute elegance to a plate, beaches to catch the perfect sunset, and perfect weather all year round this destination is a top visit place for many around the world. Due to the popular attraction that Los Angeles holds it is important to know a few key things in order to not stand out like a tourist. Here is a must know list of all things to do and not do. 

Weather and Clothing

LA is pretty much within the 60s to 80s all year round, but that does not mean to wear flip flops and tank tops every day. In fact, I would say ditch those clothes completely. Many tourists think Los Angeles is always sunshine and rainbows, so they pack light with revealing summer clothes even in the winter. If you wish to not stand out, please wear casual clothes that show you are stylish but also don’t try too hard to be noticed. Los Angeles is full of casual residents that dress with meaning. They dress to embrace the warm weather and to stay casual, but they also dress as if they have an important photoshoot to go to later. Dress with knowledge and make sure to pack clothes that make you look like a casual LA resident. 

Driving in Los Angeles

The drivers in LA are next level. They are very impatient and most always know where they are going before they get in a car. If you are checking your maps and holding up traffic because you are unsure of where you are driving the drivers will be furious. Road rage and traffic jams are the occasional hazards of this city, so if you wish to not add to the craziness and not make enemies on the road, please know where you are going before you get in the car. It saves you time and keeps the locals happy. Drive with purpose. Everyone is in a hurry and no one has time to wait in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Sign

Do not go here if you wish to not be looked at as a tourist. Many, if not all tourists gather around the mountains to take the iconic and inflated picture of them at the Hollywood sign. Don’t be that person. Instead head down to Calabasas and do some hikes that many locals enjoy with incredible views. Follow these links to find hikes in Calabasas.

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