Best Picnic Spots Near Dallas TX

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Nearly three quarters of the year, Dallas, TX, has great weather; in fact, it’s often the perfect weather to spend some time outside with a picnic. If you are in the area, then read on below for the best picnic spots near Dallas, TX, so that you can take advantage of these sunny days and take a break from daily life with a picnic in the beaming sunshine.


Lakeside Park is a popular favorite with locals as it has everything you need to have a relaxing day out. There are walking paths to take your dogs, a play area for kids, picnic benches for you to sit back and relax, statues, bridges with creeks, and a never-ending amount of luscious greenery in all four directions. This is a top spot to come because it is so easy to not only unwind but also keep everyone entertained for a great day out; it is nice when you know that the whole family is welcome!


White Rock Lake Park is a little gem in the area, designed for maximum enjoyment for everyone. In the park, there is an artificial lake that attracts all kinds of wonderful wildlife and is perfect for setting up a picnic as you listen to the ripples of the water. You can use the water for kayaking, or have a wander round on one of the hiking paths. There is plenty of space in White Rock, as well as lots of beautiful views and stunning greenery.


Set up high on a hilltop but still within the city, Flag Pole Hill Park offers great views of the canopies and trees and the park’s lake. You will find endless beauty in the nature in this park and can spend hours exploring every corner. There are huge open green lawns for your picnic or you can use the picnic shelters if you prefer. The amount of open space here is one of the top reasons why it is so popular.


Lakewood Park is an excellent choice to bring your kids as there are playgrounds, and basketball courts to keep the kids occupied while you relax in the sun. There are picnic benches dotted all around the park with lots of lovely views from the river that runs through or the flora in every corner.


Unsurprisingly, the top feature of this park is the lake; here, people can fish, or paddle in the freshwater end, it is also a great place for your dogs to cool off. As well as the lake, this park has various paths for walking, biking, or hiking so you can really see every part of this pretty area. Stop off at the benches or on the grass when you want to tuck into your lunch and unwind as you breathe in the fresh air.

Everyone knows how important it is to get outside as much as possible, and going to a beauty spot with a picnic is the perfect way to do that. So, the next time the sun is shining, pack up a lunch and grab some of your favorite people, or even a book instead, and head to one of the areas listed above for a wonderful day out.

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