Best Picnic Spots Near Atlanta GA

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Grab your favorite people, and your favorite food and head to one of the best picnic spots near Atlanta, GA, as detailed in the article below. There is no better way to pass a summer’s day than with good food and good company in a beautiful setting, and Atlanta has plenty of places to experience such a thing.


This park is one of the highest-rated in the area, and as such, it can get busy at times, so you might not always be able to grab a picnic bench, however, there are lots of wide-open spaces and other areas in the park where you can set up a picnic if this happens. This park is in a great location, and full of beautiful areas providing lasting memories of your day out. As a bonus, there are also walking paths and trails that you can follow and have a little adventure around the park before you leave.


Piedmont Park is only around a mile from downtown Atlanta, meaning it is extremely convenient if you want to escape the city noise fo a picnic but you don’t want to go too far away. It has a vast amount of space for you to set up your picnic for the day, as well as outdoor activities such as tennis and swimming. This is great for if you have kids because you can be sure that they can have just as much fun playing as you can with relaxing.


Set in a gorgeous Victorian neighborhood, Grant Park is the oldest park in Atlanta City. It is just as popular now as it was when it w first constructed, and is a favorite picnic spot among the locals. Head on over to Grant Park and spend the day soaking up the sunshine and enjoying an alfresco lunch. There are also sports areas in the park, and the park is surrounded by shops, cafes, and even Atlanta zoo.


This is a very special place indeed, with stunning scenery, shaded picnic areas, biking trails, walking routes, grilling stations, fishing spots, and even a forty-eight mile-long river for boating. There is nothing you could want from a day out for a picnic that you can’t find here, this is a real gem of the area.


For something a little different, head on over to theCentennial Olympic Park, home of the 1996 summer Olympics. Here you get all the benefits of a wonderful picnic place, with benches, great views, and plenty of relaxing nature, but it is also cool to explore what is leftover from 1996. It is interesting to learn a few bits along the way and get some great pictures.

There are so many luscious green areas and wide-open spaces that it is hard to choose the best picnic spots near Atlanta, GA, as there are just too many options. However, this does mean that it doesn’t matter where you end up, you will not be disappointed.

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