Best Picnic Spots Near Seattle WA

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When the warm weather finally comes to Seattle, there is no better feeling than being able to be outside in the warm fresh air, forgetting the realities of life, even if just for a fleeting moment. Well, a picnic is a perfect way to experience that feeling, therefore, we have put together a list of some of the best picnic spots near Seattle, WA, so you can give yourself the break you deserve while the sun is still shining.


Golden Gardens Park takes our number one spot for a few reasons, firstly there are more than enough picnic benches, meaning there is usually room for everyone no matter how busy it is. Additionally, there is a range of activities in this park that you can do after your picnic to make it an even better day out including wetlands, hiking trails, BBQ areas, playgrounds, and beaches. This park is also the favorite among the locals as it is the perfect place to watch the sunset; what better way to end your picnic than by watching the sun disappear over the horizon.


With more than two hundred acres of wetlands, forests, creeks, beaches, and meadows, you won’t find it hard to find space for you and your group. The park is completely surrounded by stunning nature that will leave you in awe over every inch of the park. This is also another great place to watch the sunset, and as it is a little less known than Golden Gardens Park, perhaps this one will be your number one instead. Set up a picnic in any part of the park and get ready for a full day of relaxation.


This kid and dog-friendly park means the whole family can join in the picnic fun. There are running areas for dogs, and playgrounds for the kids, so you can be sure that everyone will have fun. You can also use the outdoor sports facilities and play tennis, use the pool, hit a few balls in the baseball fields, or just soak up the sun on the beach. You can never fail to have an idyllic day out at Greenlake Park.


Discovery Park provides the most gorgeous views, especially on a clear day, giving you an awesome backdrop for your picnic. If you want to squeeze in some exercise during your trip, you can follow one of the hiking trails – or run it if you’re good enough -and explore as much of the park as possible, or you can even have a dip in the sea. To end the day in style, you can sit back on the beach and watch the sun go down over the canopy of trees.

Seattle might not always be the warmest place, but there are certainly some of the most beautiful parks in the country that you can experience when the sun is out. These are just our recommendations, so be sure to get outside and find your favorites too.

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