Best Picnic Spots Near Sacramento CA

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Partaking in a bit of alfresco dining by way of a picnic is one of the true joys you can have during the summer months, wherever you are. Well, if you are near Sacramento, you are luckier than most as you have blissful sunshine for most of the year, meaning you have plenty of time to discover some really great picnic spots in the area. However, to make it easier for you, in the article below we have detailed some of the best picnic spots near Sacramento, CA, to help you find some beautiful places.


You may hear of this park being called just Land Park and is one of the largest parks in the city. One of the advantages of visiting a park as big as this one is that you will always be able to have some privacy during your picnic, you will also be able to have some peace and quiet as you unwind. As well as space for picnics, there are also kids play areas, sports sections, and a never ending supply of trees to keep you cool in the Californian sun.


For the nature lovers among you, this park is one of the best in the area. McKinley Park is full of wildflowers, it also has a rose garden and a duck pond that attracts an array of birds. This park is also packed with activities from tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and a seasonal pool. And of course, play areas for kids which is a bonus if you are coming as a family.


Even though East Portal Part has designated picnic benches, the bright green grassy knolls are extremely inviting for anyone who prefers to picnic on the ground. It’s a large area where both kids and dogs can run around, with an additional play are for kids. If you fancy a game of softball after lunch then you can use the park’s softball field, or if you prefer you can relax under the shade of the trees.


Discovery Park has everything you could want when planning for a picnic day out. The ark is more than three hundred acres with masses of space for you to sprawl out, and for anyone who wants to include activities into their day, there is a thirty-two-mile bike path around the park as well as ball fields, an archery range, fishing spots, and boat launches. Not every picnic has to be lying around for the whole day, although of course there is nothing wrong with doing this, however, Discovery Park makes sure that you will be completely entertained all day no matter what you want to do.

Coming home from a great day out with friends and family, or even spending some time outside alone is a wonderful feeling that can leave you energized and ready for another day, so if you are near Sacramento, take advantage of the picnic spots near you, and give yourself a break from the daily stresses of life.

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