Best Picnic Spots Near Port of Jacksonville FL

Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for no reason, and with most cities in Florida having more than two hundred and fifty days of sunshine a year, what better place to head outside as often as you can for a relaxing picnic in a beautiful setting. In the article below, we have compiled a list of the best picnic spots near the Port of Jacksonville, FL, so you can be ready to go the next time you fancy a picnic in the sun.


With picnic benches, grill stations, playgrounds, and a softball section, Jacksonville Drew Park is one of the best in the area. The picnic areas are beneath a canopy of trees that offer much-needed shade all year round, and despite this location being quite popular among locals, there is more than enough space for everyone to feel like they have a little privacy. This park is clean, and well maintained, and combines both the relaxing element and entertainment for the younger ones.


Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens is a botanical garden and one of the top-rated picnic sports in the Port of Jacksonville area. Not only does it have breathtaking beauty wherever you go, but there are also walking paths and hiking trails so you can explore before you head home. There are few places in the area that offer as much tranquility for a picnic than in these gardens, they are definitely worth a visit even if you go alone.


The name comes from the fact that this park is full of treaty oak trees making a wonderful setting for your picnic. These trees are beautiful to look at, so much so, that this is a popular photo shoot location. This park is quite unique and is the ideal place to come and unwind with your favorite people and spend some time away from the realities of life. It is a gem that should not be missed if you are nearby.


It will come as no surprise that Fort Family Park is one of the best picnic spots to go to if you have kids with you. In the park, there are not only plenty of picnic benches with great views but also activities for the kids including playgrounds and sports areas complete with bleachers so you can ey an eye on them. With lots of room and even clean toilets, this is the perfect place to spend the day as a family.


Riverside Park gives you everything you could ask for; stunning views, a much-needed breeze coming off the water, plenty of shade to keep you cool, areas for dogs to run, and for children to play. Overall, Riverside Park ticks all the boxes of a solid picnic spot.

The Port of Jacksonville provides a beautiful backdrop for a picnic wherever you go, so even if you don’t end up at one of the recommendations above, we know you will not be disappointed.

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Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Port of Jacksonville FL

Pride Month is a special time for millions of people across the world, it is a time for members of the LGBT community to come together, show support for one another, and raise awareness of the past and present struggles that they have faced.

Celebrating Pride Month in the Port of Jacksonville, FL, is the perfect way to be part of the community and celebrations, while also being able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the area. Below, we have put together a guide on the history of Pride Month in the Port of Jacksonville, and how it is recognized today.


1978 was the year of the first Pride Parade that took place in here, this was nine years after the Stonewall Riots happened back in New York City. Nine years may seem like a long time, but back then, there was very little support for the LGBT community and what it stood for, and it was difficult for events to be organized with so few people there to offer support.

The lack of money, support, and resources, continued to be a problem for those in the LGBT community, with events and festivities being on and off for the next few decades. It wasn’t until 2010, that the community set about fundraising money in order to have an annual Pride Parade like most other cities in the country.

The fundraising was a success, the Pride Parade and Festival has been celebrated in October to coexist with National Coming Out Day ever since. However, this is still a range of celebrations during June to recognize Pride Month.



The River City Pride Parade and Festival is the main event of Pride – it is celebrated in October, over the weekend that is the closest National Coming Out Day that is on the 11th of the month. Firstly, on the Saturday you can join in the parade, walking a mile and a half through the LGBT communities in the area, or alternatively, you can cheer on the people in the parade from the sidelines. Next, on the Sunday, there is the Pride Festival – an annual festival that encourages everyone to end the weekend in styles, listening to music, and dancing with friends.


For anyone who is too impatient to wait until October for a Pride festival, then the Springfield Pride Fest has you covered. Much like the one in October, this festival is full of music, dancing, cocktails, and street vendors – it all makes for an unforgettable day.


If you fancy joining in the celebrations at one of the areas LGBT bars, then check out the list below for some of our top recommendations, where you will be in for a great time!


Celebrating Pride Month in the Port of Jacksonville, FL, is a fun, vibrant, and welcoming affair. There is an abundance of celebrations for you to have fun and make new friends!

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Best Coffee Shops in Port of Jacksonville FL

For those of you around the Port of Jacksonville, FL, start your day right with a delicious hot cup of coffee or a cold brew as you ready yourself for the day ahead. In order for you to find the finest quality coffee in the area, we have compiled a list of the best coffee shops in the Port of Jacksonville for your convenience.

Arepa Please

Arepa Please is a contemporary cafe combing the flavors and styles of South America with a New York Deli, it might make you stop for a second but it works, and since opening Arepa has gained huge popularity in the area. The food is fresh and packed with flavor, and the coffee is roasted to perfection.

Address: 474 Riverside Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32202

First Watch

For more than thirty years First Watch has been thriving in the industry, wowing customers and making waves each year. Every morning at the crack of dawn the preparation begins to ensure every single order regardless of what it is, is made from scratch on the day meaning that all food is incredibly flavorful and will leave you wanting more. There is a great style and service in First Watch, and the running of this coffee shop is highly efficient.

Address: 192 Riverside Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32202


Chamblin’s Uptown

For something fun and different head to Chamblin’s, where they have combined a cafe with a book shop. You can trade-in your old books, or browse the shelves and buy ones of your own. They have an extensive collection of new, used, and rare books, and it is the perfect way to read your favorite books while having a cup of fresh coffee. Read the story of how it got started at the link below.

Address: 215 N Laura St

Jacksonville, FL 32202


Urban Grind Coffee Company

This little cafe is very aesthetically pleasing with its bring covered walls, wooden beams, and use of original art, it gives the place a trendy but warm vibe that makes it a lovely spot to stop and take a moment to relax. The coffee served is roasted locally, and the pastries are freshly baked. Everything on the menu is handcrafted and this comes through in every sip (or every bite).

Address: 45 W Bay St

Jacksonville, FL 32202

1748 Bakehouse

For food that tastes as good as it smells pop over to 1748 Bakehouse and see what all the fuss is about. Starting as a small vendor, they became so popular that they have moved on and opened their very own cafe. Here, you can order fresh bread, scrumptious pies, delicious cake, you can even order a homemade dish to take to your next potluck dinner. All the ingredients used are fresh and in season so you always get the most mouthwatering taste in the food.

Address: 1748 N Main St

Jacksonville, FL 32206

What better way to take in the fresh air and the beautiful view of the Port of Jacksonville than with your favorite coffee in hand!

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