Spa Retreats in Houston, TX

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Houston. A beautiful city that is also known as the world capital of space exploration due to the city’s large contributions to both space exploration and science. Houston is known for a lot more though, such as the city’s multiple professional sports teams, its contribution to job creation in the United States, the city’s lovely restaurants and its wide array of things to do, the city of Houston is a city that exudes excitement! A wonderful idea after a long day of exploring any city would be ending your day with a luxury spa retreat. With that being said, the city of Houston offers numerous places to refresh and rejuvenate yourself! Let’s explore the city of Houston and find out the best spa resorts that you should check out! 

Trellis Spa 

If you are spending time in the city of Houston and are looking for one of the best spas that the city of Houston has to offer, Trellis Spa is the spa for you! Trellis Spa is a famous spa in Houston that was mentioned in Forbes Travel Guide. Trellis Spa is a spa that is built around the idea of serenity and relaxation. Located in the lovely Houstonian hotel, the Spa is over 17,000 square feet in size and offers a Mediterranean atmosphere. Whether you are a guest at this lovely hotel or not, Trellis Spa is worth the trip if you are looking to pamper yourself in luxury. Visiting the Trellis Spa will leave an impression on you, not just through its services, but also the facility itself, with pour

relieving steam rooms, float pools, and saunas. On top of all of the massaging, facial, body treatments, manicures, and pedicures, the Trellis Spa also offers packages that are perfect for parties and couples alike. Trellis Spa also offers a wonderful dining menu that focuses on healthy food, so you can keep your body healthy, inside and out! Afterwards, be sure to relax in the cozy fireplace heated lobby to end your spa day at Trellis Spa. 

Milk and Honey 

A wonderful option when looking for an organic spa for your spa retreat in Houston, Texas is Milk and Honey. Milk and Honey offers a full spa service that uses only the most organic treatments and ingredients in their products to assure their clients that they are getting the healthiest treatment possible. This wonderful spa also provides a 

full salon service that offers waxing, hair and nail therapy, of course using the best ingredients that mother nature has to offer! Milk and Honey also offers its very own line of organic products in skin care, body washes, anti-aging serums, essential oil candles just to name a few, so that you can take the spa home with you with the assurance that you are using the healthiest of products. Book your appointment with Milk and Honey and treat your hair, skin, nails, and the rest of your body to organic bliss!

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