Sustainable Travel in Houston, Texas

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Welcome to one of the most popular and booming cities of Texas. Where the options for tourism are endless and the choices to have a great time while also limiting our carbon footprint are also endless. Green travel tips and tricks aren’t always easy and available everywhere we go, but the great city of Houston has provided alternative ways of touring the town while also making green choices readily available for those who wish to travel smarter. When planning our vacations or getaways we must consider our effect on the world as we partake in events within the city we are visiting. Are we limiting our carbon footprint? Will the money we spend on places to stay or events to see be used for the betterment of the city’s environment? Can the events I partake in be of enjoyment for me and also for the benefit of the great city I am visiting? Does the hotel I am staying at use green tactics for energy conservation and to lower their carbon footprint on the world?  All these questions are factors we need to consider when touring cities, and if we can get everyone on board with these eco-conscious ways of thinking and traveling then we will better the world as a whole and have these great cities to tour around for much longer.  Here are some great tips and tricks that are eco-friendly and a huge benefit to the city of Houston. Feel free to explore the options listed here and follow the links provided to further your planning for your great adventure to Houston.

Houston Astros

I know what you are thinking. How can watching a baseball game be a green choice? As if the game of baseball has anything to do with climate change and lowering our carbon footprint. Truth is that the game of baseball has nothing to do with these green choices, but the team and stadium of the Houston Astros have taken their roles for minimizing waste and optimizing recycling to the next level. It is always a green choice to support the businesses, and in this case baseball teams, who rise to the task of keeping our environment green and thriving.

The Minute Maid Park, home of the Astros, has planted tons of recycling bins all around the stadium to encourage their guests to make the green choice, all lights are eco-friendly fluorescent lights, and the cleaning crews use non-toxic cleaning chemicals that help limit their effect on the environment. Next time you find yourself in Houston Texas make sure to go catch an Astros game and support the amazing stadium and their efforts to benefit the environment.

For more information follow the link below.

Houston Zoo

It is always nice to see a zoo that not only takes good care of its animals but also contributes to the whole environment of the world. Through green tactics such as recycling and reusing products within the zoo, changing from paper to electronic filing to save trees, not selling straws and styrofoam products, collecting rainwater for irrigation purposes, and making multiple donations that help conservation programs around the world. This zoo sets the standards for other zoos and through our support, the zoo can continue doing its part in helping the animals and world flourish.

Visit the many animal exhibits and enjoy a day with the family roaming around the park. Rest assured in your choice to visit the zoo because your money is being used efficiently and smarter to make sure the animals inside the park are healthy and the world outside of the park is thriving. An all-around green choice for traveling within the great city of Houston Texas.

For more information on how to plan your visit to the zoo please follow the link below.

Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens

With fourteen acres of gardens that house very rare and beautiful plant life, the workers using green ways of maintaining the park, an art museum, and endless exploring of nature and art, this destination is the perfect eco-friendly thing to do in Houston Texas.  Explore the outdoors and take some of the most amazing pictures with the wonderfully thought-out architecture of the gardens. The flowers are radiant, and the layout of the gardens is truly magnificent. If you end up running out of outdoor beauty to explore then head on inside the museum to see some historical art pieces and let your mind roam from painting to painting.

For more information on how to visit this amazing green destination please follow the link below.

Farmers Markets

Sustainable travel hacks and trips are all around us when we can open our minds up to the possibilities of how we can travel smart and lessen our carbon footprint in the cities we visit. What better way to give back to the city of Houston, Texas than to support the local farmers and plan some days out of our trip to buy local produce and cook for ourselves instead of going out to eat. The local farmer’s markets are booming with eco-conscious individuals just like you that are seeking to continue the growth of the beautiful city they inhabit. So, as a smart and green traveler, I highly recommend supporting farmer’s markets whenever you travel. 

Here are some links to the most popular farmer’s markets in Houston, Texas. Feel free to check out their events and times. Your contributions to these destinations are greatly appreciated.  

Urban Harvest

Rice Village

I have only listed off a few of the many options to green travel within the city of Houston, Texas, so please feel free to use the power of the internet and word of mouth to find other green options as well. The city of Houston is amazing and their contributions towards the health of their community and betterment of the world’s ecosystem are truly heartwarming to experience. Not many cities take their carbon footprint into account and seeing what Houston is doing is very inspirational. If more cities can set the standards for eco-friendliness and sustainability, then the world is sure to become a healthier place that we can continue to enjoy and explore for many years to come. Be sure to travel smart and have an open mind when trying to find alternative ways of traveling within these cities that are more eco-conscious. The choices to limit your carbon footprint are everywhere. 

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