How Much Does it Cost to Park at Hobby Airport?

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Parking at Hobby Airport is easy, but it’s also one of the most expensive options in town. That’s why we offer the best value parking with On Air Parking. Whether you need to park for a few hours or overnight, On Air Parking has partnered with several great off-site parking lots around Hobby Airport.

Park in a lot near Hobby Airport

If you’re looking for an affordable parking option near Hobby Airport, there are several lots to consider. The following are some of the benefits of parking in one of these lots:

  • Convenience: It’s easier to get from your car to your flight when you park at one of these lots than if you park at Hobby itself. You can avoid traffic jams and delays by arriving early and making sure that everything is ready before boarding time.
  • Safety: Parking in a secure lot means that there won’t be any shady characters hanging around or trying to break into cars while people are away on vacation or business trips. This makes it easier for people who don’t feel comfortable leaving their vehicles unattended overnight (or longer) while they’re away from home base–which could include children as well as pets!

Long Term Parking Prices

Long term parking costs $28 for the first day, and then $1 for each additional day. This is cheaper than short-term parking, which costs $33 per day (a difference of $5). If you need to park at Hobby Airport for more than a week, long term parking will be your best option.

If you’re looking for a place to park your car while traveling, Hobby Airport has several options. You can choose from short-term parking, long-term parking and valet parking. Long term parking is also the only option if you want to park at Hobby Airport overnight. If you’re planning on going through security, then leaving your car at the airport overnight, then you should use long-term parking.

Short Term Parking Prices

Short term parking prices are a lot cheaper than long term parking. The cost can range from $10-$30 per day, depending on how long you park for. The price is based on the number of days that you plan to park at Hobby Airport.

If you’re planning on staying in Houston for just one night, then short term parking is definitely your best option. You can expect to pay anywhere between $13 – $16 dollars per day (depending on how busy it is).

Economy Parking Prices

Economy parking is the cheapest option and located at the airport. It’s $10 per day to park at Hobby Airport in Economy Parking. The lot is on site at the airport, so you’ll be able to walk right over to check-in when you arrive at your destination.

The best part about long-term parking at Hobby Airport is that it’s always covered by a daily rate. So even if you leave your car there for several weeks, you won’t pay more than $28 per day.

Park in an off-site lot

If you’re looking to save some money, off-site parking is the way to go. The cheapest option is usually a lot near Hobby Airport (the airport itself charges around $35 per day), which means you won’t have to deal with the hassle of driving or taking public transit back and forth from your car each time you fly out of town.

If you want to save money on parking, consider taking public transportation. The bus routes go all the way into downtown and there is also a train that will take you straight to NRG Stadium.

Off Site Parking is Much Cheaper

Off-site parking is much cheaper than on-site parking. For example, the cost for a daily Economy Lot at Hobby Airport is $14.00 in comparison to long term parking which can be up to $27 per day or more!

Off Site Parking is also less expensive than Short Term and Economy Lots at Hobby Airport:

  • Economy Lot: $15 per day ($1/hr)
  • Short Term Lot: $20 per day ($2/hr)

Don’t get stuck paying a lot fee at the airport

Don’t get stuck paying a parking lot fee at the airport.

If you’re headed to Hobby Airport, it’s best to avoid the high parking rates and wait times that come with valet service. Instead, park in an off-site lot and catch a shuttle to your terminal or leave your car in a safe spot and catch the shuttle to the airport.

The best option is to park at a nearby lot and take a shuttle to the airport. This can be done through some of the major parking lots around Hobby Airport. The shuttles will drop you off at one of the terminals, from where you’ll need to walk (or take public transit) over to Terminal B.

On Air Parking is the best option for parking at Hobby Airport

If you’re looking for the best option for parking at Hobby Airport, On Air Parking is it. We’ve partnered with several of the best parking lots in town to give you competitive rates overall. With our 5-star service and satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that your parking spot is guaranteed.

On Air Parking has many affiliate parking partners so that no matter what time of day or night it is when you arrive at the airport, there will always be a place available for you to park your car.

On Air Parking is the cheapest and most affordable parking option at Hobby Airport

The best off-site option for parking at Hobby Airport is On Air Parking. This company offers the lowest prices, a 5-star service, and a satisfaction guarantee at the best parking lots in Houston.


To sum up, Parking at Hobby Airport is the cheapest and most affordable way to park. On Air Parking offers great rates with no hidden fees. On top of all this, you’ll enjoy free shuttle service that will take you directly from our affiliate lot back into the airport terminal area within minutes!

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