Our favourite ways to spend summer in Houston, TX

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Houston. The nation’s fifth-largest metropolis of over seven million and home of Johnson Space Center, The Houston Texans, the Houston Rockets, over 19,600 acres of green space and Beyonce. With so many options for a summer vacation itinerary, it can be difficult to discern what the best this massive city has to offer. Read on for some of our favourite ways to do summer in Houston. 

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Famous for coordinating the Apollo 11 mission that put man on the moon, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center operates Space Center Houston, where visitors can follow the progress of human spaceflight and even touch rocks from the moon. Capsules and command modules from NASA’s past are on display here, including the Apollo 17 Command Module, a Lunar Module and Lunar Roving Vehicle and the world’s only replica of a Space Shuttle. Visitors can enter and tour the replica of the Independence Space Shuttle, as well as witness the mammoth Saturn V rocket or take a tram tour into the actual Johnson Space Center to see the nation’s space program at work. There are also educational opportunities, exhibits of spacesuits and current plans for Mars and updates on ongoing missions.

Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo in its myriad habitats and over nine hundred species represented in more than six thousand residents are quite the spectacle, drawing over two million visitors every year as the second most visited zoo in the country. A number of more intimate experiences are offered to visitors by appointment, such as feeding Okapi, Gorillas or Sloth, Grooming and cleaning Goats and Elephants or watching a Sea Lion artist go to work. A wide variety of exhibits covering local and distant ecosystems and families such as the Texan Wetlands, the Galapagos Islands or the African Forest and their residents are all on display here. 

Freedom Over Texas

Big Country Artists and a Huge Firework celebration are how Houstonians celebrate the Fourth of July every year. Come enjoy Houston and Texas’ state and national pride with the community in the outdoors with music, food and drink and a massive firework display. Aside from American staples such as beefy hamburgers and hot dogs, some of the major names that have come to perform at Freedom Over Texas include Jake Owen, Lee Brice, Jimmie Allen, Chris Young and the Mavericks. 


Comicpalooza is the largest pop culture convention in the South, covering interests from comics, science fiction, anime, gaming, Japanese culture, film and television shows. All kinds of vendors provide exclusive and community-made merchandise, fun games like Werewolf, MechCorps, VR Games and Laser Tag. Live performances from famous cosplayers, magicians, club meets, panels and autograph / photo opportunities with celebrities. Some of the names that have appeared at Comicpalooza include Kate Beckinsale of Underworld, Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead, The Cast of Gotham, George Takei of Star Trek, Kevin Nash and Rose McGowan of Scream. 

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