BBQ Cook-off Competitions Near Houston, TX

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BBQ Cook-off Competitions Near Houston, TX 

Houston. A beautiful city that is also known as the world capital of space exploration due to the city’s large contributions to both space exploration and science. Houston is known for a lot more though, such as the city’s multiple professional sports teams, its contribution to job creation in the United States, the city’s lovely restaurants and its wide array of things to do, the city of Houston is a city that exudes excitement. When the weather starts to get bright and beautiful during the summer season, it’s time to get the grilling started. Not only is it fun to enjoy grilling at the comfort of your own home, but a great summer pass time is enjoying and participating in bbq cook-off competitions to not only fill your belly with the seasons delicious foods, but also compete to see if your signature recipe can win over the hearts of the judges and those attending. When looking for bbq cook-off competitions that are near Houston, the city offers plenty of options. Let’s take a look now at some of the most tasty and fun bbq cook-off competitions that the city of Houston has to offer.

Bar-B-Que Contest 

If you find yourself in Houston and are looking for a place to enjoy the summer activity of feasting on delicious barbecue or even putting your grilling skills to the test in a barbecue cook-off competition, the Bar-B-Que Contest in Houston is the perfect choice! The Bar-B-Que contest hosts 250 teams of grill masters who are all competing in the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest. This event is hosted by Cotton Holdings which is a company in Houston that provides construction and home restoration. In order to compete in the Bar-B-Que Contest, you have to be an established grill master, as most competitors are invited in order to compete. However, if you are content with going to the Bar-B-Que Contest to enjoy the delicious food and attractions, you will most certainly be satisfied with what the Bar-B-Que Contest has to offer. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy several public venues that include the Chuckwagon, The Garden, and Rockin’ Bar-B-Que Saloon. There are also attractions such as the carnival that boasts plenty of thrilling rides and games. Grab your friends and family and enjoy one of the hot spots in the city of Houston during this year’s Bar-B-Que Contest.

32nd BBQ & Chili Cookoff 

Another wonderful option to enjoy tasty food and compete is the 32nd BBQ & Chili Cookoff. The 32nd BBQ & Chili Cookoff is hosted by the Houston Metro Go Texan Cy-Fair. Guests will have the opportunity to indulge in all that this fun event has to offer and competitors will have the opportunity to put their special chili recipe or grilling skills to the test as they compete for bragging rights and prizes. Visit the Houston Metro Go Texan Cy-Fair and join the fun at the 32nd BBQ & Chili Cookoff. 

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