Things You Can Explore This Winter in Atlanta – 2023

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Things You Can Explore This Winter in Atlanta – 2023 

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and your family is to take a trip and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. During the winter season, many enjoy this very activity. While some may want to stay and enjoy all that comes with winter such as going out and picking out a Christmas tree, or having a snowball fight, or skiing, or sledding, and so on, others prefer to escape the cold weather by taking a trip to somewhere warmer. 

If you are someone who is in the camp of winter vacations to warm destinations, there are some questions that you should ask yourself before you dive head first out of the snowy weather. Questions include: “where do I want to go?”, “how long do I plan on staying at said destination?”, “how many family members or friends will be joining me?”, “what is my budget?”, and so on. While we may not be able to answer all of those questions specifically, there is one question we can answer. That question is “what is there to do at said destination?”. 

We are more than happy to answer that question and today, we are going to be specifically looking at the city of Atlanta and all that there is to do there during your winter vacation. Atlanta is known for its historic roots, its professional baseball teams, its nightlife, having the busiest Atlanta International Airport in the world, and so much more. It is the last part of that sentence that matters so much because that is exactly what we are going to be looking at today, just how much the city of Atlanta has to offer for you to enjoy your winter vacation in this city. 

The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area 

One place that is worth exploring during your time in Atlanta during this winter season is at the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. Not far from the city, the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area allows you to experience nature without having to travel too far. The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area has much to boast of, but one thing that you should try when spending time here is the hiking trails. All of the trails at the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area boast beautiful views and moderately challenging trails, however, most will not have a problem hiking through them. If you are looking to have an outdoor adventure that boasts magnificent views along with excellent hiking trails, then the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is the place for you.

Historic Fourth Ward Park 

Another excellent place that you can explore during your stay in the city of Atlanta is the Historic Fourth Ward Park.The Historic Fourth Ward Park sits on 17 acres of land that boasts lush greens and beautiful walking paths. The Historic Fourth Ward Park is a perfect place to take the kids to enjoy a peaceful afternoon while they play at the playground and skatepark while you relax at one of the park’s many benches. There is also an outdoor theater that regularly hosts shows as well as beautiful ponds

throughout the park. Unwind and enjoy a peaceful Atlanta afternoon at the Historic Fourth Ward Park.

Piedmont Park 

Another great place to explore in the city of Atlanta is Piedmont Park. Piedmont Park is located in the heart of Atlanta and serves to allow folks to forget about the urban metropolis that surrounds them and instead enjoy the fresh air provided by the trees and greenery in the park. Piedmont Park is great for kids, and once in a great while, has turned into a sledding destination during the winter time. The wonderful thing about Piedmont Park is that even though it is located in the middle of the city of Atlanta, Piedmont Park has an undeniable peacefulness about it. In fact, Piedmont Park is a place where many gather to relax and picnic due to the utter peacefulness that you get when spending time in this lovely park. If you need a place to stretch your legs and take a break from the busy metropolis that the city of Atlanta is, Piedmont Park is here for you.

Atlanta Preservation Center 

Another great place to explore when in the city of Atlanta is the Atlanta Preservation Center. The Atlanta Preservation Center was originally built in the year of 1856. This wonderful mansion preserves some of the city of Atlanta’s deepest history

and is a miracle that it is still standing today after considering all of the neglect and abuse that this mansion has gone through. If you are looking to learn more about the history of this lovely city, the Atlanta Preservation Center is the place to go.

Stone Mountain Park

Another wonderful option that you and your family should take time to explore when in the city of Atlanta during this winter season is Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain Park is open all year, but during the winter season, Stone Mountain Park turns into a winter wonderland. There are many different attractions of Stone Mountain Park but the ones that have to be mentioned are the park’s tubing hill that is made through artificial snow as well as Stone Mountain Park’s two golf courses. Visit Stone Mountain Park and treat yourself and your family to some winter fun, without the bitter conditions.

The Fox Theatre 

The Fox Theatre is another option that you should definitely take time to explore when spending time in the city of Atlanta this winter season. The Fox Theatre was established in the year of 1929 and used to be a Shiners Hall and movie theater. The Fox Theatre now serves as a historic site in Atlanta and has an old world charm about it. Take a tour of the Fox Theatre and explore the beautiful architecture and learn more about what life was like during the history of this theater and how it almost was destroyed in the 1970s. If you are a history buff, appreciate architecture, or just someone who would like to learn more about the history of Atlanta, visiting the Fox Theatre is a must.

Decatur Square 

Last but certainly not least, the Decatur Square is an excellent place for you and your family to explore during the winter season. The Decatur Square predates the city of Atlanta and is a nice place to enjoy a fresh drink and relax. The Decatur Square has a small town charm about it and boasts tasty restaurants and art throughout. The Decatur Square allows you to hangout and enjoy one of the most historic areas in the city.

One of the best things that many families look forward to each year is enjoying a wonderful vacation away together. However, one of the most challenging parts of heading out of town and enjoying a vacation elsewhere is planning. We hope that this article helped make planning your vacation to the city of Atlanta a little bit easier.