All You Need to Know About New Jersey Airport Parking

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All You Need to Know About New Jersey Airport Parking

Newark Liberty International Airport. One of the premier gateways to not only New Jersey, but New York City and the whole tri-state area, this massive landing point is quite the task to navigate. Serving some 29 million passengers in 2021 among fifty carriers on every permanently inhabited continent, the scale of operations here can be quite intimidating and difficult to learn for a first time flyer or someone new to the Newark area. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered – read on for our guide to New Jersey airport parking, and get ready to explore !

Booking options 

Before anything, it’s good to know your options to pay and reserve in advance ! This can greatly speed up getting in, finding a spot sooner and getting to the check in / arrivals faster. A huge benefit for an airport as busy as this one, year round. One of the most important things you can do when paying is prebook ! Unlike many airports where booking a parking spot is a great option in the time and stress you will save in getting in and being able to find a spot, pre booking also greatly reduces the cost of parking ! Newark Liberty International Airport greatly incentivises sorting out your parking ahead of time with pre booking, with notably lower rates when pre booking as opposed to showing up day-of and paying then. Other than this, you may also pay when you arrive with credit card, debit card, NFC payment systems such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, as well as the E-Z Pass system. If not pre booking, we highly recommend paying with the method with the least amount of contact available to expedite entry and exiting airport parking when it comes time to pay. This is not necessarily a health-conscious decision, but the fact that the methods of payment go from fastest to slowest method as they do from farthest the physically closest. E-Z Pass will read well before you are in range to tap-to-pay, and tap-to-pay will typically be a few seconds faster than swiping or inserting a chip card. 

Parking options 

Due to the sheer size of the airport, it’s no surprise Newark Liberty International Airport offers a wide variety of parking options for every traveller and visitor. There are three short – term parking lots, a daily parking lot and one long term parking lot / economy parking lot. In addition, there are also Premium Reserve parking spaces which are notably closest to the terminals for your convenience, but do come at a bit of an extra cost – hence the name. These spots must be booked online. For those travellers with restricted mobility, there is actually a specially designated parking garage available to rent for all who have an official disabled licence plate or permit to display. 


Parking at any short term garage is $5.25 for the first half hour, and $5.25 for every half hour after. This is not a proportional charge – so if you were to leave in 31 minutes or 59 minutes, you would pay the same price. This means keeping an eye on the half hour to make sure you are not paying for time you aren’t using. After three hours, the price of parking steeply increases, to $10.50 for every half hour after the third hour. There is a 24 hour maximum of $65, and this is slashed to $44 if you book online. The premium terminal spaces are actually not too much more expensive, between $50 and $47 per day. The daily spaces still provide a much better value if you are going to be parking more than one or two hours – with daily parking at $29 a day if booked online, and $41 / day for a premium daily space. Economy spaces are $24 a day for premium economy, and $21 a day for regular economy. 


Also good to consider is the layout of the airport itself. The short-term parking garages will be the most convenient option for most if you are prioritising proximity to the terminals, as they occupy the centre of the airport’s layout. The one exception being the parking garage for those travellers with disabilities which is actually closer to Terminal C’s extreme west end than Short Term Parking Garage C is. The Economy Long – Term Parking like most of its type is located farther away from the airport and is serviced by a shuttle that comes every 5 – 7 minutes. Knowing which Garage to park at is actually very straightforward however – if you are flying domestic or flying to / from Canada, you probably want to park at Garage A. If you are flying anywhere else international, you probably want to park at Garage B, and if you are flying with United Airlines to any destination, you will probably park at Garage C. 

The rare exception being, weighing your options if you or someone in your party has mobility issues – even though the disabled parking is to the left side of Terminal C, if your check in is at Terminal A, you might want to make that small trade to part in Garage A. 

Details to consider when parking 

Be sure to check airport conditions and double check which Terminal your airline operates out of. Listed above is a general guide, but not 100% definitive. You may find rare exceptions at each terminal – but for the sake of brevity we are working with a general description and cannot afford to account for every single possibility with terminal operation.  For this reason,  it is highly recommended to double check where your check in is – the walk from Garage C to Terminal A or vice versa can be quite the time sink ! 

Other services

Also of note are the many free services – in case of any unexpected vehicle trouble leaving the airport after a long journey or just after dropping off a loved one, Newark Liberty International Airport offers flat –  tire assistance, lockout assistance, jumpstarts for dead batteries and even help with car location ! Electric Vehicle owners can also opt to sign up for a program online that allows them to charge their vehicle at Newark Liberty International Airport free of charge. 

Do you need to park ?

Of course, there is one greatest money saver of all : not parking in the first place ! Newark Liberty International Airport also has a series of Cell Phone Lots which are less than five minutes from all terminals and are free to use ! These are great for those really quick pick ups and drop offs that do not require enough time to put money down on a parking spot, but are also a bit too long for the active loading / unloading only curbside. If your arriving friend / family member is not already at the curb and ready to hop in immediately, this might be a great option. In addition, there are also many connections via rail and bus with the Tri-State metropolitan area that could eliminate the need to take a car entirely ! On top of the savings, being able to just proceed directly to receiving your ticket / family member is a huge advantage over the time sink of finding parking, especially in peak travel season. In the line faster means at the desk sooner.