Best Picnic Spots Near Hoboken NJ

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Spending a lazy Sunday in the park with the sun shining, a packed picnic, and your favorite people is one of the greatest joys in life. Getting outside for some fresh air and a much-needed break from the stresses of daily life is important for us all, and a picnic is the perfect excuse. It may come as a surprise, but New Jersey has some great picnic areas for you to do just that, therefore, you are looking for the best picnic spots near Hoboken, NJ, then read on for more information about where you should go.


Sinatra Park sits on the waterfront and gives you spectacular views of Manhattan just across the river. As well as the wonderful scenery, you will also find sports areas and playgrounds which is great news if you are going with kids. Among the lines of trees, you will find plenty of picnic benches for you to set up for the day, or you can sprawl out on the grass. Sinatra Park has a great combination of relaxing vibes, city views, and family fun.


Pier C Park makes it into one of our top recommendations because not only is it an idyllic spot for a picnic with a view of the New York City skyline, but there are also a few activities inside with walking, sports, and playgrounds. Additionally, if you fancy a bit of fishing, then head to the fishing pier, and fish for as long as you want. Having a picnic doesn’t just have to be about sitting in one spot for hours on end, it can also be part of a fun-filled day, which is easy to achieve at Pier C Park.


Maxwell Place Park is located along the Hudson River giving you breathtaking views of New York City across the water from all angles. This is a superb place to pitch up for a picnic as you can enjoy the views of a city while listening to the swaying of the trees and the birds singing. There are plenty of picnic benches here, as well as a few outdoor activities such as biking, or paddleboat rental.


Of course, we couldn’t do this list and not mention Hoboken Park. Like with the other parks along the waterfront, Hoboken also gives you awesome views of New York City. Inside the park, there is a huge open lawn area for people to lay out, tree areas for shade, and a beautiful water fountain by the entrance. Hoboken is a lovely spot for a picnic where you can relax for hours and hours.

New Jersey has far more nature and greenery than many people realize, as is well demonstrated with their countless number of parks. We have picked a few top ones, but there are still plenty more for you to explore. Hoboken is the perfect area to test out a vast number of picnic places so you can find your favorite.

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