Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Hoboken NJ

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Celebrating Pride Month is always a fun, colorful, and fabulous affair – with a month-long period of events and various activities that are there to educate, entertain, and built support for the LGBT community.

Celebrating Pride Month in Hoboken, NJ, is no exception, and they too have a range of festivities organized for everyone to come and enjoy. However, Pride Month hasn’t always been commonplace for many cities in America or around the world, and in the article below, we look at where it all began for New Jersey, and how people in Hoboken celebrate Pride Month nowadays.


In June 1969, just across the water in Greenwich Village, NYC, things changed for the LGBT community. Tired of having to put up with aggression and oppression from the police every time one of the gay bars in the city was raided, the customers of one such bar fought back. On the 28th of that month, the regular police raid on the Stonewall Inn resulted in riots and protests in the street, where people had had enough of the constant harassment and maltreatment.

That night lead to regular activist movements throughout New York City over the following year, and soon, major cities all across the country were organizing annual Pride Marches to fight for equality as well.

Since 1992, thousands of LGBT people and supporters of the movement in New Jersey have gathered in Asbury Park to represent the city and to fight for gay rights, and with more and more people attending every year, New Jersey is only growing stronger.


If you are in Hoboken during Pride Month, then wherever you turn you will find something to do, but we have listed the highlights below.


This is the big event of the month and is usually held on the first Sunday of the month to kick off the month-long celebrations. It starts in Asbury Park at midday, and here you can join thousands of other people as you march the streets through the city along with signs, floats, and banners. If you are a little shy, then you can watch the processions from the street and wave as people go by.


Grab your running shoes and head to Grove Park, where you can join people from all over the city in the annual 5K run. There’s even a race for those under the age of nine, so the whole family can go. The race costs between ten and thirty dollars to sign up depending on your age, and all money goes to the RAD family program and LGBT youth programs.


As well as the outdoor festivities, there are also a number of LGBT bars and clubs in Hoboken for everyone to enjoy. Of course, these bars are fun all year round, but extra shows and performances are added to the schedules during Pride Month – find some of the best below.

  • SIX 26

Being in New Jersey during Pride Month is a memorable experience where you can dance, make new friends, and help support the LGBT community.

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