Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Philadelphia, PA

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Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia. This proudly unique and historic city has been a center of activity since the beginnings of the nation, and continues this role into the present. From our foundations, through countless episodes of discovery, invention, sport, expression, and chapters of American culture, the common spirit of this city is evident in its happenings year round. Make the city of brotherly love your destination this summer, and beat the heat with some of our favorite places to cool off.

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom

Boasting a formidable arsenal of rollercoasters, slides, raft rides, pools, and more, Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom is a premier destination for families and visitors alike to Philadelphia this summer. Highlights include thrilling rides such as Talon, with it’s zero-G-roll, Steel Force, one of the longest coasters on the East Coast, Hydra the Revenge, with it’s floorless design, the Demon Drop, Thunder Canyon, two lazy rivers, two wave pools, trap door plummet slides, the dizzying Constrictor, and more. For a full day’s worth of thrills in the air and in the water, Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom is a great choice this summer.

Sesame Place

Families and those with younger travelers will delight in the charming and festive atmosphere at Sesame Place, where the party can cool off with the lovable cast of Sesame Street. Whether on Oscar’s wooden roller coaster, Ernie’s massive wave pool, Big Bird’s lazy river or touring recreations of Sesame Studio, and Count von Count’s castle, there’s so much to see and enjoy here at Sesame Place. There are few destinations cuter than this in the Philadelphia area, and is sure to cool off the whole group and put smiles on faces here at Sesame Place.

Whitewater Rafting

Make the most of Pennsylvania’s natural beauty and cool off with the challenge of whitewater rafting one of the many rivers around the Philadelphia area this summer. With your party, a variety of rentals for different skill levels provide rare and memorable views into the Pennsylvania wilderness, all with the wind, water, and scenes on the water.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Alternatively, for those who want a more relaxed, slower-paced activity, tubing and kayaking rentals galore are here around the Philadelphia area, where visitors can still see and enjoy the beauty of wild Pennsylvania, just at their own speed. Indeed, slowly cruising down the waters around Philadelphia is a stress-free way to see many of the streams and forests near the city, and allows for a getaway from your getaway this summer.

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