Father’s Day around Philadelphia, PA

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Father’s Day around Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia. This proudly unique and historic city has been a center of activity since the beginnings of the nation, and continues this role into the present. From our foundations, through countless episodes of discovery, invention, sport, expression and chapters of American culture, the common spirit of this city is evident in its happenings year round. Make the city of brotherly love your destination, and tour these storied streets with some of our favorite ways to celebrate Father’s Day. 

Dining around Philadelphia

Of course, no Father’s Day is complete without delicious food. Thankfully, this city is filled with countless talented chefs, eateries, kitchens and restaurants, sure to spoil dads of every palate. Forsythia offers an indulgent selection of French, Italian and contemporary dishes in a classy setting, while Jezabel’s is a down-to-earth, family-friendly establishment serving delicious Argentinean cuisine. Booker’s Restaurant specializes in hearty comfort food and brunch, while Talula’s Garden serves up picturesque and mouth watering sweets and pastries, most famously being the imaginative French toast selection. 


Hiking and the Outdoors around Philadelphia

For the more outdoorsy dad, the ample number of parks around Philadelphia offer a great escape into the caves, cliffs, streams and forests of Pennsylvania, a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Wissahickon Valley Park has some 57 miles of trails inside the city of Philadelphia, the more accessible option for those travelers who don’t want to leave the city or go too far during their stays, with beautiful photo opportunities and overlooks galore. Tyler State Park is a great option for sunrise and sunset hikes, rich with native fauna that bring the park to life in its quieter areas. Finally, Ridley Creek State Park offers a series of trails in different difficulties, great for families looking for a casual experience or the more vigorous Dads. 

Fishing at Linvilla Orchards

With free admission for dads on this holiday, the whole family can enjoy the fun of fishing and life out on the water at Linvilla Orchards, out in the countryside West of Philadelphia. This can make for an exciting addition to any postcards or travel albums, and is surely memorable for fishing-enthusiast dads or dads trying out something new. 

Old Town

Enjoy touring Philadelphia’s most storied area on foot, Philadelphia’s Old Town! Here, countless kitchens serving up timeless American classics, pubs playing the Phillies game and its charming, narrow winding streets are a great place for the family to explore whether during the day or at evening. 

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