Philadelphia FAQs (PHL)

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Does PHL offer Economy parking?

  • Yes, Economy parking is available at a rate of $15 per day. Please note that there is limited availability in this lot.

Is there shuttle service available at PHL?

  • Yes, shuttle service is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

Does PHL have charging stations?

  • Yes, the parking facilities are equipped with seven charging stations throughout three lots.

What is the cost for Short term parking?

  • Short term parking is available and designed for parking for less than an hour. Rates begin at $5 for a half hour, up to $48 per every 24 hours.

Does PHL offer bicycle parking?

Is there a Cell Phone lot at PHL?

  • Yes, there is a free Cell Phone parking area to wait for arriving passengers.

What is the daily rate for Garage parking?

  • The daily rate for Garage parking is $28 per day.

Do I have to park my car on PHL airport property?

  • No, there are several additional parking options at off-site lots. Most provide complimentary shuttle service to the airport. You can find more information here.

Who do I contact if I have a dead battery?

  • PHL offers complimentary service for jump-starts, flat tires and lost vehicles.

Is my vehicle safe parked at PHL?

  • All lots are patrolled by the Philadelphia Police Department.

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