What is open in Oakland CA during the coronavirus?

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Don’t worry if you are struggling to keep up with what’s open and what’s not during the coronavirus; with so many different restrictions and rules that are varying by state as well as even city in some cases, you are not alone. In order to give you little insight into this further, below we have put together a guide of a few options of what is open in Oakland, CA, during the coronavirus.


One of the most visited attractions in Oakland is the zoo; this is an incredible place to see the most exotic and spectacular animals such as tigers, lions, camels, and hyenas just to name a few. Here you can also explore exhibits, learn about the animal conservation work that Oakland Zoo is involved in, and attend one of their interactive programs. The whole family is welcome, but you do need to book your tickets in advance to get a time slot, anyone over the age of 3 must wear a face mask, and groups can only consist of members of the same household.


What is a day out in Oakland without exploring one of the area’s wineries at least once? Tours are back open at the wineries in the city, book a tour and taste some of the state’s most well-known wines at one of the three options in the area; find them at Brooklyn West Winery, Rosenblum Cellars, or Dashe Cellars, and have a fabulous day out in the sunshine.


The vast majority of gyms are closed all over the country, and the gyms in Oakland are no exception to this. However, Urban Fitness Gym is back open, albeit slightly differently to normal. This gym has set up its equipment outside and is currently holding fitness classes and allowing members to work out as normal, just outside the gym instead of inside. Exercising outside means that a safe distance can be kept and the gym can keep all of its members safe.


Undoubtedly, restaurants were one of the hardest-hit at the start of the new rules and guidelines, however, in better news, a lot of restaurants have been allowed to reopen. Granted, in most cases, it is only for takeout or delivery, but this is still good enough to give you a night away from your own kitchen. Below we have listed a selection of the best restaurants in the Oakland area that are currently open; be sure to call them in order to check if they are allowing dine-in with a limited capacity.

  • Commis
  • Shakewell
  • Belotti Ristorante E Bottega
  • Homeroom
  • À Côté Restaurant
  • Marica Restaurant
  • Cholita Linda
  • Shan Dong
  • Mockingbird
  • Shinmai

It is certainly frustrating making so many adjustments in our daily lives, and even more frustrating to not know when things will be back to normal again, but one thing’s for sure, keeping yourself and others safe at all times is the priority, so be sure to keep this in mind whenever you venture out.

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