6 Tips to Save Money on Parking in NYC

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Finding parking in any city can become our worst nightmare if not prepared in advance. Whether it’s difficult to find any parking or when you do end up discovering some parking the price for it is severely overpriced. Nothing troubles travelers and individuals more than looking for parking and only having overpriced options to pick from. After driving around searching for parking for what seems like forever, the average person most likely settles for the expensive options, due to the lack of other well-priced options and patience remaining. Luckily for you here in this article we here at On Air Parking have taken the time and done the due diligence to compose some of the best tips and tricks to save money on parking no matter what city you find yourself in. In this article we will be covering 6 tips to save you money on parking in New York City. Feel free to absorb the information we have collected and be better prepared for future parking hassles. No more settling for less and with the help of this article you will park like a pro and never pay too much for parking in any city. 

Tip #1: On Air Parking (Cheapest and Most Convenient)

First tip is an obvious one. Looking for parking in the city you are visiting? Not wanting to waste time to find it when you arrive? Need the cheapest monthly rates for parking? Look no further because On Air Parking is the best way to not only save money on parking, but also save valuable time on finding it. Simply enter the location you are visiting, and our website will email you a list of parking options near that area. They are safe, clean, affordable, and very convenient. Have your trip set and your parking reserved. For example, if you are traveling to the great city of New York for a week or a month and wish to find some great parking in the city. Simply enter the location you are traveling to, how long you will need parking, and some great options appear right before your eyes. On Air Parking offers prices as low as $12.99 daily packages compared to others that offer $30.00 and over. Need I say more? Of course, On Air Parking offers the best way to save money and time on Parking. To get started on your money saving parking options follow the link above. 

Tip #2: Book in Advance

Waiting to find parking till the moment you touch down in NYC is not a smart move. Not only will the prices skyrocketed, but you’ll have no choice but to settle for spending more money than you need to. On Air Parking allows you to book and reserve a parking spot in very popular spots around the city. Looking for parking in Times Square? On Air has options for as low as $14.99 if you book in advance to your trip. This tip is crucial to saving money. Always plan in advance and do yourself the favor of booking with On Air.

Tip #3: Find Street Parking When You Can

Looking to not pay any money at all, or maybe just feed a meter just a few cents? Finding street parking in New York is most definitely a challenge. One that could break even the most patient person. However, if you do manage to find it, secure it with quickness and save some money by parking on the streets. Parking on the street might not be the safest and best option, so if you are looking for more secure options make sure to be willing to pay some sort of daily fee. As stated On Air Parking offers the lowest rates. 

Tip #4: Be Willing to Walk

This one might seem a bit obvious, but it is the best way to save money. If you are attending an event in New York, the closer you try and park, the more expensive the prices will be. Instead, park a few blocks away and be willing to walk a small distance in order to save money. Don’t be stubborn and be hellbent on getting that front row parking. Park a few blocks away and enjoy a nice stroll down the streets of New York. 

Tip #5: Follow the Parking Rules

Paying for parking is already an expense you don’t want to commit to. We get it. However, when parking make sure to abide by the street signs and make sure you are aware of the parking times available and rules following your parking location. The last thing you would want is to pay a ticket fee on top of a parking fee. This tip is an easy one to follow but can be overlooked by so many. Save yourself money and the trouble of getting a parking ticket. Parking in big cities like New York, it is easy to find yourself under a pile of parking fees. Do not be that person and make sure to keep your eyes open for street signs that list when parking is allowed and when it isn’t. 

Tip #6: Find a Hotel that Provides Parking

Last tip on the list of tips that will help you save money in the city of New York is to find a hotel that offers long term parking. If your hotel doesn’t offer parking, that can add more to your list to plan when traveling. Save yourself the time and money and make sure your hotel accommodates your parking. Even if it is a small fee added to your bill, this tip will most likely be a better option than parking a distance from where you are staying. If your hotel doesn’t offer parking, do not be worried. Simply head down to On Air Parking’s website and see if we provide parking near you. On Air Parking is the best option to save money on parking in the big and busy city of New York.