10 Possible Reasons Why You Should Choose Airport Parking

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10 Possible Reasons Why You Should Choose Airport Parking

If you’re comparing different options to park during your next trip, you might wonder what the benefit is with parking at the airport compared to getting a ride, or parking off-site. Indeed, while these locations might be a tad more expensive or competitive, there are still many merits to considering parking at the airport. Read on for ten reasons to keep airport parking on the table for your next journey.

Airport parking is more reliable

Of all the options for parking, few places are more reliable than the airport’s own lots and garages! This is for many reasons, whether that reliable parking is a big amenity and service for the airport’s reputation, to ensure that the most regular staff and flyers can get to their gates on time, or that the airport’s lots and garages are usually much better funded and equipped than off-site options. Airport parking usually comes with massive lots and large capacities, cameras, and plenty of full-time, around-the-clock staff dedicated just to the operations and maintenance of the garages and security. 

It is closer to the gate

Maybe more accurately, we should say that airport parking is closest to the gate, as you will very rarely find parking closer to your check-in than at the airport itself! This is a very big draw for those who choose to park at the airport, and it’s easy to understand why. For one, proximity to the airport cuts out a whole additional leg from the terminal to your car as one might face when parking off location, and also gets you to your gate faster! This can mean more flexibility, leeway with traffic, or even sleeping in that little bit more since the airport is just a short walk from your parking spot.

Interpreter and translation services 

Yes, while some select third parties might offer extensive service in a language other than English, and there are apps such as Google Translate and Bing Translate available-few beat the service provided by a personable and professional translator on location. Airports, especially those major airports around the nation frequently have translators not only in Spanish but in many world languages such as Mandarin, French, Punjabi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and more! This is a very good service to consider if you’re drafting travel plans for family or friends who have limited English, and can make all the difference when traveling. 

Less time in traffic

Again, this ties back to not having to make that extra journey between an off-site lot and the airport. Even if the lot is close to the airport, not having to transfer, nor waiting on a shuttle and only having to fight through peak traffic once can make a huge difference on your arrival time-another useful thing to consider if you are a traveler who frequently cuts it close with your flights. 

Better connections with other travel resources

Whether it’s hotels, resort packages, language-specific travel services, or other specifically travel-related items, airports are also much more likely to have these in a wider number and variety compared to even the largest off-site lots. This is another note worthy of consideration whether you’re a traveler who likes to check all of their boxes in one area, or just want to be most privy to local deals and other very useful resources for tourists and frequent business flyers.

On-site services

Aside from the interpretation/translation note we mentioned earlier, many airports also offer a large number of incredibly useful services for last-minute car troubles. One of these is car location either on foot with one or more employees or via vehicle-useful for when you forget where exactly you parked. There is also battery assistance, tire repair and air for your tires, more incredibly useful services for the unexpected after a long flight home. In addition, many airports also offer more lavish services such as full-auto service, detailing and washes while you’re away-meaning you can even come back home to a car in even better condition than before! Off site lots rarely match these latter services, especially in the capacity and professionalism at airport garages.

Easier to navigate

If you’re a first-time flier or just a nervous traveler, the streamlined layout and process of parking at an airport garage is probably the better option. With more visible, larger signage and electronic controls, as well as more information readily available about airport layout online, those who fear getting lost in the mix should consider an airport garage over the varying layouts and operations of off location lots.

Better security 

While off site locations can be safe, airports usually have a substantially larger amount of resources and personnel dedicated exclusively to security, whether it is airport police, security and patrols just for the garages and lots, and extensive CCTV, you can expect a much lower risk of random burglary, vandalisation or auto theft at an airport compared to other parking locations. This is both due to the much larger scale of airports compared to off site lots, as well as the generally high priority of security and safety at American airports-this vigilance extends to the garages too. Airports with their higher level of cameras, coverage, and patrons also make for more numerous eyewitnesses, angles of recording, and easier recourse if your car is damaged while you’re away.

Easier to research 

Airports also generally see much higher numbers of usage and thus will have much more information available regarding traffic patterns, layout, maps, pricing, procedures, and even on-site businesses and quirks. This is not as true for even the most popular of lots, who are less frequently the subjects of blog posts, reviews, vlogs and reviews compared to airports. This is good to consider if you are a traveler who really likes to weigh public opinion and personal reviews in your decisions while drafting travel plans.

Ease of contact

And finally, tying into our previous item and also with the translation services, airports are usually much easier to contact than the administration of some off-site lots. This can be that off-site lots have limited contact or customer service information, while the opposite is generally true for airports, especially large airports. Whether this is in person at one of the many kiosks and desks, or calling dedicated numbers, a traveler who also really prioritizes contact with their parking location might favor parking at an airport for this reason.