Know what Type of Off-Airport Parking is Best for You

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Know what Type of Off-Airport Parking is Best for You

The varied world of off-airport parking. If you’re reading this, we both know you are definitely a more cautious, detail oriented traveler who really wants to economize and make the most of your travels. Off-airport parking is a popular option due to the cost savings and wide range in services, but with such a range it can be hard to pick the best option for you. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our brief summary of how to know what type of Off-Airport Parking is best for you.

This guide is more a summary of each type of off-airport parking, highlighting the strengths and covering the main cons for each type. Each traveler will have different preferences and needs, so we advise to pick and compare the top two that seem to match your needs the most to use this guide most effectively.

Hotel Parking

While this might seem a bit confounding, hotels are actually a very frequent partner with off airport parking services and happily rent out unused lots to maximize their profits. Hotels close to the airport may also provide shuttle service to the airport from their location even if you are not staying the night there and only parking. Hotels offer 24/7 on-site support with at least one member in the lobby at all times for any questions, and usually have local and corporate support numbers to contact. Not to mention, they usually have very well lit parking lots and CCTV. This is great when considering your car’s safety. Really, it’s the availability, and the relative ease in location that make parking at a hotel a very attractive option. However, parking at a hotel sometimes may not come with a shuttle to the airport, or it may be difficult to have inquiries/problems surrounding parking answered in a timely manner. For this reason, we might recommend parking at a hotel with a known reputation for their parking services and customer service.

Third Party Uncovered Lot

As you might ascertain from the description, there is one extremely straightforward benefit to this option-price. These by far are going to be the cheapest option, very good for those longer term trips, where each daily difference in price can add up to a large difference in the total. However, you do get what you pay for, and many of the other amenities such as jump starts, car location, CCTV and protection from the elements are foregone with the price tag. Those travelers willing to look a bit farther might find an incredibly cheap lot that does also provide some of these services, but it might not be so easy to find at first. In summary, you’ll save the most with this option, but it is usually incredibly barebones.


Well lit, usually with at least one staff member on sight, sheltered from the rain, heat and wind, and sometimes with CCTV, this is usually a good decision between location, price and amenities. While you might not have the absolute best in any of those aforementioned categories, you have a place to park your car that is a jack-of-all-trades of sorts. Reliable, providing security and documentation, usually not incredibly far and also not the most expensive option.

Private lot/rented

If you prefer a lot with more robust communication, no question on availability and privacy-renting directly from a private owner might be an option you consider. With far fewer people renting alongside you, generally communication with the lot owner should be the most direct-something to note if you are a traveler who really values strong communication with your parking space service. These also provide for parking in a more private location, can also be a great asset in recourse should your car be damaged, being able to work individual to individual. However, the largest obstacle that comes with a private lot is probably going to be the logistics of how you get to and from the airport to your lot. Transportation may not be provided by the renter, and the use of services such as Uber, Lyft or a private rideshare can be costly. 

Specialized Garage, Shuttle, Auto Service

Whether for reasons of accessibility, sensitivity to a certain community or wanting to operate in a preferred language, a preferred garage/parking lot, shuttle and auto service might be the preferred method. These may not run competitive rates and can vary widely in quality, but do give a more personable touch to your travels, as well as specialized and in-depth understanding for travelers who have needs that aren’t well accommodated for with those more widely advertised services. You may have travelers who have accessibility issues who really need the extra support in logistics around the airport, lot and with moving luggage, or travelers who really want to travel in their preferred language, or maybe an identity/faith-centered service. Especially in larger metropolitan areas, you will be able to find services of these types and more. The main disadvantage against the strong specialization here, is going to be a wide variety in quality and having to use more subjective forums such as social media to read reviews of these services.

Through a major website

For those travelers who really like operating paperless, or with integration with other mobile applications and online services, booking a parking spot through a major website might be the way to go. Whether with a website such as, SpotHero or On Air Parking, these are great one-stop solutions eliminating the need to track down a printer or dig through your luggage/bags when at the lot. Great for the more tech-savvy or environmentally conscious travelers. However, because these are going to be online, those travelers who struggle with technology or with directions regarding technology might not prefer this method, as some lots even forgo the on-site kiosk with booking. Great for streamlined and sleek service, but maybe not the first option if you’re guiding an elderly relative through their travel itinerary.