Places to Cool Down for the Summer in Chicago, IL

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Places to Cool Down for the Summer in Chicago, IL

Chicago. This vibrant and bustling Midwestern Metropolis is the scene for the arts among literature, film, theater, comedy, gastronomy, music, all between its renowned skyline and storied neighborhoods. Today, Chicago continues to draw millions of tourists from over the world, and with so much occurring at every part of the year, it’s easy to understand why. Whether a visitor drafting travel plans, returning home to visit friends and family, or a local looking for something to do near home, Chicago has something for everyone. Read on for some of our favorite ways to beat the summer heat here around the Windy City.

Raging Waves

Featuring a collection of raft rides for duos, solo riders and groups, a massive wave pool, lazy river, splash pads, playgrounds, and more, Raging Waves is one of Illinois’ and the Midwests’ favorite destinations for the summer. This is a great option for those visitors planning an itinerary for a group with diverse interests. Here the adrenaline junkies can brave the steep plunges of The Cycle and the Tasmanian Twisters, the whole group can take on Wonambi and Crocodile Mile, and the tired can simply relax on the spanning lazy river or the Great Barrier Reef pool. Bring the whole party to Raging Waves this summer, where there is something for everyone.

Jet Ski Chicago

Tour the skyline and waterside of Chicago and its lakeside suburbs on a number of jet ski rental services this summer. The simple joys of jet skiing on Lake Michigan with the views of Chicago’s downtown, lakefront, and beachside districts serve as a great introduction to the Windy City that is as refreshing as it is exciting. This is a great activity for those summer afternoons, and is a more up-front and interactive way to tour Chicago compared to a traditional lake cruise.

Kathy Osterman Beach

Whether sunbathing, volleyball, football, or swimming on the beach, the scenes, sunlight and water along Kathy Osterman Beach is a great destination during those long summer days. No need to venture to the coasts of California or Florida this summer, visitors will be delighted by the fun and sun out on the edge of Lake Michigan. Combined with the proximity to other esteemed beaches of Chicago such as Foster Beach, Loyola Beach, Montrose Beach, as well as many of Chicago’s lakeside neighborhoods and attractions, this is a great addition to any travel itineraries that is as accessible as it is versatile.

Third Coast Surf School

While this might seem a surprising addition to a list regarding Chicago, in fact, the surfer community of the Chicago area has built a bustling presence here in the Midwest, and now offer classes to visitors. This is a great way to experience something truly new and unique, out surfing on the great lakes, and makes for an exciting and interesting addition to any travel plans around Chicago.

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