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$14.99 East Village Parking


$14.99 East Village New York Parking Near Astor Place Station

$14.99 East Village New York Parking  Near Astor Place Station

Are you searching for cheap parking in East Village, Lower Manhattan, New York?

We have the lowest fees you won’t find anywhere else. This exclusive parking deal in East Village starts only at $14.99/day*!

Reserve as many parking days as you need without the risk. This is a safe and secure lot that comes with FREE cancellations up to start date.

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*Prices start at $14.99 and are subject to change based on available inventory and holiday charges.

East Village, Lower Manhattan, New York Parking

There’s more to New York’s East Village in Lower Manhattan than art and punk, affordable restaurants, and small mom-and-pop shops. What the neighborhood may lack in terms of glamour, what with its old-school bars, music venues, and performance spaces, it more than makes up for in character and history. 

Whether you’re in the mood for dining out in the latest restaurants or catching an indie film in one of its small theaters, the East Village is where people go to have a true New York feel and experience.

We offer the cheapest parking deal you’ll find in the neighborhood, starting at $14.99/day.


What's the address of your parking lot?

You should receive an e-mail within 10 minutes of your purchase with the address and name of the parking facility at which you'll be parking. If it's hard to pull up the address on your GPS or maps, we suggest checking out our partner facilities’ website (by Googling their name), or by calling their number provided in your reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

We appreciate you giving us a chance, and know this isn't how you're used to purchasing parking. That's why we offer free parking reservation cancellations, up to start date — no questions asked.

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What's Nearby

Want to know what’s nearby this parking facility? Here’s a shortlist of establishments:

Angel's Share

Madame Vo


Spot Dessert Bar

99 Favor Taste

The 13th Step

Abe Lebewohl Park



Village East Cinema

Need help reserving city parking in East Village, Lower Manhattan, New York?

Reserve parking now in East Village on your preferred check-in and check-out dates!

Need to cancel your reservation? No problem. Call our parking reservation specialists at 424-532-8940  from 10am to 7pm ET. We offer FREE cancellations, up to start date, on all our parking deals.

Give us a shout! We’d love to hear how we can make parking in East Village easier for you, and how we can get you around Lower Manhattan and New York simpler and cheaper.

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