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Guaranteed Parking Near The Gerald R. Ford Airport With Free Shuttles, Free Cancellations

Do you need to find the cheapest parking near the Gerald R Ford (GRR) International Airport? Then look no further! We offer a great rate in a great location that is near the Gerald R Ford International Airport, and it starts at only $7.50 per day! We guarantee you will not find a cheaper off-airport parking deal for the Gerald R Ford International Airport online anywhere else. . Purchase parking is located just 10 minutes away from the Gerald R Ford International Airport. Make sure that you reserve your dates now for parking before we run out! This deal includes both a FREE Shuttle to and from the airport as well as FREE cancellation.

***Prices start at $7.50. Holiday and extra inventory charges may apply***

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How much is parking at Gerald R Ford International Airport?

The airport's current 2020 parking rates are $2.00 the first hour; $1.00 each additional ½ hour for short-term parking, with a daily maximum of $24.00; $2.00 per hour for long-term lot parking with a daily maximum of $10.00 to $18.00 per day.


What is the cheapest rate to park at the Gerald R Ford International Airport?

The current cheapest parking you will find at the airport will be for long term parking.  It is located on the long term north lot and runs $10.00 per day.

Public Transportation: When traveling to and from the Gerald R Ford International Airport, there are multiple choices for transportation:

    Car Rental: There are various car rental agencies available to choose from for your needs.  You may locate them on the parking garages first level.

    Taxi: For taxi service from the airport, you will exit the terminal through door #5, located across from the counter for Valet Parking, and proceed to the climate-controlled shelter for the Parking Shuttle situated on the boulevard.  At this point, a taxi starter will further assist you with arrangements for your cab and get you on your way.

You may also book your taxi online at

    Rideshare: Both rideshare services Uber and Lyft, are available.  To use these services, you will need to download their prospective apps on your phone through Google Play Store or iTunes.

For your rideshare, you will need to exit the terminal through the #2 door, conveniently located across from the ticket counter for Delta, and proceed to the designated pick up/drop off shelter for rideshares on the boulevard.


What's the address of your parking lot?
You should receive an e-mail within 10 minutes of your purchase with the address and name of the parking facility at which you'll be parking. If it's hard to pull up the address on your GPS or maps, we suggest checking out our partner facilities’ website (by Googling their name), or by calling their number provided in your reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?
We appreciate you giving us a chance, and know this isn't how you're used to purchasing parking. That's why we offer free cancellations at any time — no questions asked.

More FAQs

Public Transportation

The Rapid bus line offers a stop on their route at the Gerald R Ford International Airport.  The bus ride will cost $1.75, which includes one transfer pass. The designated area to catch the bus is on the boulevard at the #4 door.

Greyhound Bus Lines have buses that depart from downtown Grand Rapids. For a schedule, fair costs, or more information, visit

There is an information center for available transportation conveniently located near the Visitor Information Desk in the baggage claim area.  You may consult the information on this board for those hotels and motels in the area that offer courtesy vehicles to and from the airport.  The passenger pickup is located at the shelter on the boulevard by the #2 door and across from the short-term parking area for hotel shuttles.

Limo: Those needing a limousine service for transportation should visit the Experience Grand Rapids website or the yellow pages for more information.

Ride Sharing

Feeling lazy to bring your car to the Atlanta Airport and the parking lots? We’re huge fans of ride sharing services ourselves, but the costs of Uber and Lyft add up quickly. We did a rough calculation of the costs.

Around the vicinity of Washington Avenue, East Point, the cost of booking an Uber amounts anywhere from $10 to $44 each way. Meanwhile, a Lyft will cost $9 to $12 each way. It’s not as expensive as booking an Uber but it’s expensive just the same.

With these figures, you can book several days of parking near the Atlanta Airport. And just like we mentioned, our off airport parking deal for the Atlanta Airport comes with a FREE shuttle every 10 minutes to and from the airport. Cancelling your parking reservation is also FREE.


                   How much is daily parking at the Gerald R Ford International Airport?

The airport announced that at this time, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, only the garage and the north lot are open to parking.

The prices at the two lots that are currently available are as follows:

Long-Term Garage Parking

$2.00 per hour

$18.00 maximum per day

$126.00 per week

Long-Term North Lot

$2.00 per hours

$10.00 maximum per day

$70.00 per week

If you find you are willing to pay $10.00 per day parking on one of these two lots, then we can almost bet you are going to love parking for less on a lot located near the airport.

Off Airport Parking Lots?

For those that travel for business, time and convenience are utmost in their minds.  However, it is tempting to use hotel parking or those unlicensed parking facilities—no matter how risky it may be.

Some of the risks involved include:

·        For hotels, the risk is that shuttle times may be significantly delayed.

·        When using an unlicensed facility for parking, the main question will be that of safety.

·        You are not 100% guaranteed for the availability of space.

That is why we search high and low to obtain the best deals in airport parking out there.  Starting at only $9.00 a day, you will have the peace of mind that you are parking your vehicle at a parking facility that is licensed as well as having 24/7 shuttle services.

Call us today to book your parking: (616) 404-3034

Gerald R Ford International Airport Fun Facts

When it originally opened, the Gerald R Ford International Airport opened under Kent County Airport's name, before later being changed to Kent County International Airport.  In 1999 the airport was renamed after the 38th President of the United States, Gerald R Ford.

The Gerald R Ford International Airport is West Michigan's largest commercial airport and the 2nd largest in the state behind the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

The Gerald R Ford International Airport serves an estimated 2 million travelers annually and offers flights to 34 domestic airports in the nation and multiple international flights.

Former President Gerald R Ford's remains were carried on January 2, 2007, by a US Air Force jet, to the airport named for him.  It served as part of his funeral services, along with his burial the next day in Grand Rapids at his presidential museum.

The airport serves as a major hub for several different airlines, both international and domestic, as well as a hub or the shipping company FedEx.

In August of 2019, an announcement was made by the airport about its expansion plans.  Those plans included extending the A Concourse to have eight more gates, constructing a new air traffic tower, and a new federal inspection station for international flights' departures and arrivals.