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Newark Airport Parking 

Newark Airport Parking EWR

Affordable Off Airport Parking With Free 24/7 Shuttle Service

Are you looking for cheap parking for Newark Airport?

We offer the best and cheapest rates for parking here at On Air Parking. For Newark Airport, we offer airport parking starting at $3.50/day*!

***Prices start at $3.50. Holiday and inventory charges may apply***

Parking rates have soared everywhere, not just in Newark Airport. Did you know parking rates at Newark increased by 18% two years ago? It might not be too long then before you have to hand over a fifty-dollar bill for Newark Airport parking. Newark Airport charges $39 just for parking at EWR the entire day. And there’s no saying when Newark Airport parking rates might increase again, given that the last increase happened way back.

We're sure there are a lot of other things you'd want to spend that fifty-dollar bill on than parking your car at Newark Airport. The good news is, now you can! On Air Parking's off airport parking starts at $3.50/day*.

For as low as $3.50/day*, you can get secure parking near Newark Airport. Our parking deal includes FREE cancellations and 24/7 FREE shuttles for you to ride to and from EWR.

***Prices start at $3.50. Holiday and extra inventory charges may apply***

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Newark Airport Parking

Stretch your fifty-dollar bill and get parking for at least 10 days with our airport parking deal. You can plan weeks or months ahead and never have to worry about airport parking ever again.

You aren’t just purchasing airport parking at a low rate with our deal — you’re also purchasing predictability, more time, security for your car, and convenience to get to and from Newark Airport.

You may be wondering how we can afford to offer such a bargain. Our airport parking solution is simple. We remove the brand in the parking to bring down the price. Knowing where you’re parking beforehand may give you peace of mind. But is it really worth the premium? The fifty dollars?

We don’t believe so.

The premium isn’t worth it. Not when you can purchase airport parking for so much less with the same benefits.


What's the address of your parking lot?
You should receive an e-mail within 10 minutes of your purchase with the address and name of the parking facility at which you'll be parking. If it's hard to pull up the address on your GPS or maps, we suggest checking out our partner facilities’ website (by Googling their name), or by calling their number provided in your reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?
We appreciate you giving us a chance, and know this isn't how you're used to purchasing parking. That's why we offer free cancellations at any time — no questions asked.

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How Our Off Airport Parking Works

Here’s how our airport parking deal works at EWR Airport:

As soon as you make a purchase on our site, we’ll email you the details of where you’re parking right away. For any delays regarding your parking reservation, we have a traveler care team waiting to assist you.

Know that we only tap professionally run parking companies. We negotiate with these companies on your behalf to give away these great airport parking deals. These parking facilities have been checked for their safety and security. We also make sure there are FREE shuttles running 24/7 for your convenience.

Travelers face several options to get to Newark Airport. They may take public transportation or book a ride sharing service. They can also choose between on or off airport parking.

Between these options, have a look below to see why we are the top off airport parking choice at Newark Airport:

Public Transportation

Taking public transportation to get to Newark Airport is definitely cheaper than driving your car and parking at the airport parking lots.

One popular option is taking AirTrain, which connects AirTrain Newark to NJ Transit, PATH and AmTrak through Newark Airport. AirTrain tickets cost $5.50 one way. If you need to get to the airport parking lots from the airport terminals, you can ride AirTrain for free.

What about your bus options? If you’re coming from New York City, the NJ Transit Bus is your best bet. Tickets cost $16 one way or $28 for round trip.

There’s also the Newark Airport Express Bus. From any of the stops at New York, tickets cost $18 one way to Newark Airport, or $31 for round trip.

Those headed towards Pennsylvania can ride the Trans-Bridge Lines daily from Newark Airport. One way tickets to Clinton, Flemington, and Branchburg cost $25, while the rest of the cities and counties in Pennsylvania cost $29. Unfortunately, no child, senior, or round trip tickets are sold.

Taxis are readily available at Newark Airport, but these are expensive. For example, the fare for getting between airport terminals, airport parking lots and bus stops can cost around $13. That’s way more than what you’d pay for an entire day of parking at Newark with our airport parking deal.

Ride Sharing

Public transportation at Newark is affordable, but sometimes the train or bus to the airport is out of the way. So you bring out your phone and look at Uber or Lyft to save the day. Ride sharing services is great when you have a lot of luggage or when you’re willing to spend more for comfort and convenience.

For comparison, if you book an Uber from Bergen St., which is 3.6 miles away from Newark Airport, you pay anywhere from $11 up to $42 depending how fancy you want your Uber to be. Meanwhile, a Lyft costs much less, only around $8 to $10 one way.

You might have noticed our off airport parking deal for Newark Airport still comes out cheaper. That’s why we’re excited to help you lower how much you’re spending for airport parking. We don’t just offer cheap airport parking, but a convenient parking option too, through free shuttle services and free cancellations.


On Airport Parking at Newark Airport

The parking rates at Newark Airport are getting crazy expensive.

Parking for 30 minutes at the short-term parking lot already costs $4. That’s already like paying for an entire day of parking using our off airport parking deal at Newark. If you’re parking longer at the short-term parking lot, an hour of parking costs $8, and each additional 30 minutes of parking will tack on another $4 in charges. The daily maximum charge is $39.

The daily lots of Newark Airport charge similarly. Parking for 30 minutes will cost $4 and an hour of parking $8. Each additional 30 minutes of parking costs $4 and the daily maximum charge is $24 for parking at Lot P1 and P3, and $34 for parking at Lot P4.

The economy lot at Newark Airport is cheaper at only $18/day for parking. It’s the cheapest option for long-term stays but it still doesn’t come close to our off airport parking deal.

Finally, for valet parking at Newark Airport, the service costs $40 for the first 24 hours, and another $20 for each additional 12-hour period of parking.


Off Airport Parking near Newark Airport

If you’ve been trying to avoid paying so much for airport parking, chances are you might have tried parking at some of the parking facilities nearby Newark Airport. We’re talking about licensed parking facilities, not hotels like Holiday Inn.

What’s great about these licensed parking facilities is that they usually charge less. And among all these off airport parking options at Newark, we offer the cheapest parking deal with the most value.


Corporate/Business Travel Off Airport Parking Lots at Newark

Are you one of the millions of business travelers who come in and out of Newark Airport?

Chances are you don’t have to pay for airport parking with your own money because the fees are paid for by your company. But what do you do when budget cuts suddenly happen? Or when your allowance isn’t enough anymore to pay for parking at Newark Airport daily?

We’re giving you convenient airport parking at Newark that costs so much less.

In our experience at EWR, our travelers who are business travelers love the convenience of guaranteed off airport parking. Don’t waste your time at the airport parking lots — reserve airport parking through On Air parking now! Our parking facility is within 5 minutes of EWR airport.

All EWR Newport Airport parking reservations come with FREE shuttles that run 24/7 and leave every 5 minutes — isn’t that great?

Personal Travel Off Airport Parking Lots at EWR Newark Airport

EWR Newark Airport sees millions of people on personal travel in its terminals daily.

If you come from this group of travelers at Newark Airport, our off airport parking is right within your budget. You can enjoy cheap airport parking at Newark and not have to spend another dime for cancelling your parking reservation or taking the shuttle service to EWR.

Imagine all the dollars you can save just by buying unbranded EWR parking here with On Air Parking. We’ve done the legwork for you. Our off airport parking solution is selling fast. Reserve parking now before we run out!

Need help reserving airport parking near Newark Airport?

Purchase a parking reservation for Newark Airport now to lock in your preferred check-in and check-out dates!

If you wish to cancel your parking reservation in Newark, just call our traveler care team at (551) 210-2665 from 9am to 7pm ET. We offer FREE cancellations on all of our airport parking deals.

Send us some love! We’d love to hear how we can make parking near Newark Airport easier for you, and how we can get you to Newark Airport simpler and cheaper.