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Affordable and Nearby Off Airport Parking Rates with a 24/7 free shuttle

The search for the cheapest parking near Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB) ends here. With On Air Parking, you’ll find the cheapest rates starting at $3.99/day. And these parking spaces are guaranteed.

Airport parking rates are notoriously expensive, and you always run the risk of encountering an already full parking lot.

For $3.99/day you get secure, guaranteed parking no more than 6-minutes from MLB, with a free 24/7 shuttle to and from the airport, and free cancellations.

****Prices start at $3.99. Holiday and extra inventory charges may apply****

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How much is parking at Orlando Melbourne International Airport?

As of early 2021, there are two options for parking at MLB – Short-term Parking and Long-term Parking. In Short-term Parking, the rates are $1/20 minutes for the first hour, $1/30 minutes after that, with a daily of $14. In Long-term Parking, the rates are $1/20 minutes for the first hour, $1/30 minutes after, and $12/day.

How our off airport parking works

As soon as you purchase on our website, you will receive the details of where you are parking right away. Our traveler care team will be able to assist you if there are any delays in regards to your parking reservation.


To provide you with great deals, we negotiate with professionally run parking companies to give you the best possible deals for your parking. Every facility is checked on all measures to ensure your safety and security. We also strive to provide that FREE shuttles are running around the clock, 24/7 for your convenience. 


What's the address of your parking lot?

You should receive an email within 10 minutes of your purchase with the parking facility's name and address at which you'll be parking. If it's hard to pull up the address on your GPS or maps, we suggest checking our partner facilities' website (by Googling their name) or calling their number provided in your reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

We appreciate you giving us a chance, and know this isn't how you're used to purchasing parking. That's why we offer free cancellations at any time — no questions asked.

More FAQs

Public/Ground Transportation

There are several options for public/ground transportation to and from Orlando Melbourne Airport. These options are usually much cheaper than parking your own vehicle at the airport, but they also require significant planning and research ahead of time.

1.       Melbourne Airport Express: door-to-door shuttle service. Reservations must be made ahead of time. Call 321-724-1600 or visit: http://www.shuttleserviceinmelbournefl.com/

2.       Taxis/Shuttles/Car Services: several companies operate in the area around Orlando Melbourne Airport. Pick-up and drop-off are located just outside the airport terminal. For a full list with contact information, visit: https://mlbair.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Taxi-Limo-and-Shuttle-Services-2021-02.pdf

3.       Public Bus: Routes 21 and 29 with Space Coast Area Transit connect downtown Melbourne with the airport. From downtown Melbourne, connections can be made to several other popular towns/cities in Florida. For more information, including schedules and bus passes, visit: https://321transit.com/

Ride Sharing

The convenience of rideshare makes them an ever-increasing option for anyone who does not want to take their car to the airport. For an airport like Orlando Melbourne that serves a large area, including many popular tourist destinations, it is an even more appealing option. Here is a look at standard prices.

These prices have been calculated from two different locations to offer a comparison with standard costs for public transportation to downtown Melbourne and nearby Cocoa Beach.

A Standard Lyft ride from MLB to downtown Melbourne is $10-12 and an XL is $12-15. The ride to downtown takes roughly 8 minutes. A ride to Cocoa Beach is $36-40 for a Standard and $55-60 for an XL. This ride takes approximately 32 minutes.

A ride with Uber is significantly more expensive. A ride to/from downtown Melbourne would cost $26 for UberX and $38 for UberXL. The ride to Cocoa Beach would cost $100-115 for an UberX and $150-175 for UberXL.

Our On Air Parking deal comes out significantly cheaper, particularly for anyone traveling beyond Melbourne. Plus, we still provide the convenience, the ease, and the stress free trip to the airport that everyone wants. With reserved parking, free cancellation, and free 24/7 shuttles to the airport, our parking deal of $4.49/day is the way to go.

****Prices start at $4.49. Holiday and extra inventory charges may apply****

On Airport Parking at Orlando Melbourne International Airport

There are currently two parking options at Orlando Melbourne Airport, with hourly and daily parking rates. Here is a closer look at the rates for each parking lot.

1.       Short-term Parking: the closest parking option to the terminal building. The rates in this lot are $1/20-minutes (for the first hour), $1/30-minutes (after the first hour), and $14/day.

2.       Long-term Parking: the best option for multi-day stays. The hourly rates in Long-term Parking are the same as Short-term Parking, but the daily rate in this lot is $12/day.

3.       Cell Phone Lot: located off of the “Return to Terminal” road. Free parking for a short time for anyone picking up a passenger. Drivers must remain with their vehicles at all times.

Corporate/Business Travel: Off Airport Parking near Orlando Melbourne International Airport

Orlando Melbourne not only serves the city of Melbourne but is a popular airport choice for several other cities along Florida’s east coast. As such, thousands of people travel through it every year for business.

If you are one of those people, traveling regularly for work, we recognize that easy travel in and out of the airport is a priority. But airport parking lots are notoriously expensive, whether you have a travel budget with your company or not.

That is why we offer the most affordable, reliable, and convenient parking solution. Reserve a parking space with On Air Parking today and make sure you have one less thing to worry about on your next business trip.

Personal Travel: Off Airport Parking near Orlando Melbourne International Airport

If you are one of the thousands who come in and out of MLB daily, taking advantage of our off airport parking saves time, money, and the hassle of finding somewhere safe to leave your car.

We at On Air Parking have done all the work of finding the best deal for you – guaranteed. Meaning you can focus on double-checking you have packed everything and on getting everyone in the car on time without stressing over where you’ll safely park your car.

Need help reserving airport parking near Orlando Melbourne International Airport?

For any questions about your parking reservation with Orlando Melbourne International Airport, you may contact our traveler care team at (321) 204-1253 from 9 am to 7 pm ET or email hello@onairparking.com. Our corporate office is at 454 Las Gallinas Ave, PMB 2046, San Rafael, CA 94903. 

Please contact us with any feedback. Our business is to make your travels as carefree and budget-friendly as possible, so let us know how we’re doing!

Orlando Melbourne International Airport Fun Facts

In 1928, a Pitcairn Aircraft landed on a cow pasture strip just north of Kissimmee Highway. That is how MLB got its start.

For one year, in 1960, Meadowlane Elementary School was located on airport property – in a former Naval Hospital on the grounds. The elementary school moved to West Melbourne in 1961.

“Tropical Haven”, a manufactured home park, is owned and operated by the Melbourne Airport Authority.