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Discover the convenience of affordable airport parking just minutes from Portland International Airport, starting at only $4.99 per day*!

Our off-airport parking package includes complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport, and the flexibility to modify your reservation up to the start date, hassle-free!

Prices start at $4.99 and are subject to change based on available inventory and holidays.

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Oscar R.

Everything well great , easy parking in and out , the staff and shuttle drivers were nice and very friendly ,will park there again , thank you very much !!😊😊😊😊

Nancie Ann B.

Absolutely fantastic and simple. Vehicle is secure and safe. This was my second time using and will use again.

Johanna C.

It was excellent, very fast and nice staff I will recommend to anyone

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If you'd like to skip the traffic and enjoy a hassle-free parking experience at Portland, you're in for a treat! Our airport parking deals provide you with convenient parking at top facilities near Portland, complete with shuttle service for a seamless trip to the airport.

This means not only avoiding traffic headaches but also saving on airport parking costs. Take a look at our airport parking guide below to see just how affordable our parking deal is. We've compared our rates with public transportation, Uber, Lyft, and the airport's parking lots at Portland.

Guide for traveling to Portland

The Portland City Guide is the ultimate resource for visitors and residents looking to explore the Rose City.

Parking Tips and FAQs

Navigating the intricacies of Portland Airport parking options requires a discerning approach to ensure both cost-efficiency and convenience. With a spectrum of parking solutions ranging from short-term to long-term and even premium valet services, the selection process can only be daunting with proper guidance.

As travelers increasingly prioritize ease of access and security, understanding the nuances of each parking category and the associated rates becomes imperative. Moreover, introducing reservation systems and shuttle services further complicates the decision-making process.

This discussion aims to unpack these complexities, offering insights that could significantly enhance the travel experience for those departing from or arriving in Portland, Maine. The question arises: How does one navigate these options to find the optimal parking solution?

PDX Parking Options

Portland Airport provides various parking options to accommodate the needs of all travelers. These options include short-term, long-term, and economy parking, valet services and electric vehicle charging stations. Each option offers distinct advantages for convenience, affordability, or specific services.

Understanding these parking choices ensures a hassle-free start and end to your journey through Portland Airport.

Short-Term Parking

For travelers seeking convenience, Short-Term parking at the airport offers a cost-effective solution at $4 per hour or $30 per day. It seamlessly connects to the terminal through sky bridges and tunnels.

  • Short-term parking rates are competitive, with options for hourly or daily parking.

  • Amenities include free jump starts and flat tire assistance.

  • Security patrols enhance the safety of your vehicle.

  • Online booking may provide additional discounts.

Long-Term Parking

Offering a cost-effective solution for travelers planning extended stays, Long-Term parking at the airport starts from $12 per day.

Portland airport parking includes Long-Term options with amenities such as shuttle service for easy access to terminals, covered parking to protect vehicles from weather, and security patrols to ensure safety.

These features provide peace of mind and convenience for passengers requiring longer-duration vehicle storage.

Economy Parking

Economy parking at the airport presents a budget-friendly option at $10 per day for travelers seeking secure and conveniently located vehicle storage.

  • Located near Portland International Airport for easy access

  • Offers shuttle service for convenient airport transfers

  • Provides a cost-effective solution for both short and long-term parking

  • Ideal for budget-conscious travelers looking for reliable parking options

Valet Parking

Valet parking at Portland Airport, priced at $25 per day, elevates the parking experience by providing travelers with expedited service directly at the terminal.

This premium service includes convenient drop-off and pick-up options at the terminal's doorstep, ensuring quick access to the airport facilities.

Additionally, valet parking offers luggage assistance, enhancing the hassle-free parking experience for travelers seeking comfort and efficiency.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In response to the growing demand for sustainable travel options, Portland Airport has integrated electric vehicle charging stations within its parking facilities.

  • These charging stations cater to the increasing number of electric vehicles.

  • It is convenient for electric vehicle owners to charge while parked.

  • Promotes sustainable transportation options for travelers.

  • Adds convenience for environmentally conscious travelers at Portland Airport.

Portland International Airport Parking Rates and Fees

Understanding the various parking rates and fees at Portland International Airport is essential for travelers looking to manage their travel budget efficiently.

The airport offers a range of parking options, including hourly, daily, and long-term rates, as well as economy parking for those seeking more affordable solutions.

Additionally, special rates for valet parking and discounts for online bookings further provide options tailored to meet different needs and preferences.

Hourly Parking Rates

Hourly parking rates at Portland International Airport are competitively set, starting at just $4 per hour, ensuring travelers can find affordable options for their parking needs.

  • Hourly parking is ideal for short-term needs, with rates beginning at $4.

  • Short-term parking offers a convenient daily rate of $30 for those needing longer durations.

  • Valet parking provides the utmost convenience at $25 per day.

  • Discounts are available for online booking, enhancing affordability.

Daily Parking Rates

For travelers considering extended stays, Portland International Airport offers a range of daily parking rates designed to accommodate various budgets and needs. With PDX parking options ranging from $10 for economy to $30 for short-term parking, and $25 for valet services, there's a solution for every traveler.

Reserve your spot and enjoy additional conveniences like electric vehicle charging and shuttle services, ensuring a hassle-free airport park experience.

Weekly Parking Rates

Weekly parking rates at Portland International Airport offer a range of options, from the cost-effective $84 Economy parking to the premium $210 Valet service, catering to the diverse needs of travelers.

  • Long-term parking solutions for extended stays

  • Convenient shuttle service between parking lots and PDX airport terminal

  • Security patrols ensure safety and peace of mind

  • Possibility of online booking discounts for weekly parking rates

Economy Parking Rates

Economy parking at Portland International Airport, priced at $10 per day, offers an affordable solution for travelers seeking cost-effective parking options.

This budget-friendly choice includes a convenient shuttle service, ensuring passengers can easily reach the terminal from parked vehicles.

Ideal for those aiming to save on airport parking fees, economy parking at Portland International Airport exemplifies an efficient, cost-effective solution for extended stays or longer trips.

Long-term Parking Rates

Starting at just $12 daily, long-term parking at Portland International Airport is affordable for travelers planning extended stays.

  • Cost-effective rates starting from $12 per day

  • Online booking discounts are available for added savings

  • Convenient shuttle services to and from the terminal

  • Covered parking options for protection against the elements

These features ensure a smooth experience for long-term parking services at Portland International Airport.

PDX Airport Parking Reservations

Navigating the reservation process for PDX Airport parking is straightforward, and it is designed to accommodate the needs of every traveler.

From understanding the specific requirements for making a reservation to managing cancellations and modifications, travelers are equipped with the necessary information to ensure a seamless experience.

Confirmation of reservations adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind, underscoring the efficiency and reliability of Portland Airport's parking services.

Reservation Process

Securing a parking spot at Portland Airport has been simplified by introducing the OnAir reservation platform, offering travelers a streamlined booking process.

  • Easily create a reservation for PDX Airport parking online.

  • Secure a conveniently located parking spot in advance.

  • Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind with online reservations.

  • Save time and reduce stress by booking your parking spot ahead of your travel.

Reservation Requirements

To make a reservation for Portland Airport parking, travelers must utilize the OnAir platform, ensuring their parking spot in advance for a more streamlined travel experience.

The reservation process is simplified through online booking, allowing a hassle-free approach to PDX parking.

For any necessary modifications, the Support page is accessible. Contact information is readily available for assistance, ensuring a smooth reservation experience at Portland Airport.

Reservation Cancellations

Managing PDX airport parking reservation cancellations is straightforward and can be accomplished through the dedicated support page.

  • Online reservation cancellations provide flexibility for travelers.

  • Contact information is readily available for any inquiries regarding cancellations.

  • Spot Club points do not apply to cancellations at partner locations.

  • Flexible options ensure a stress-free process for adjusting or canceling parking reservations at PDX airport.

Reservation Modifications

Modifying PDX airport parking reservations is straightforward and accessible through the Support page on the airport's website. Whether you need to adjust your reservation near a specific terminal or a particular parking lot, the reservation modification system at PDX airport is designed for customer convenience.

Online reservations can be made or adjusted as needed, ensuring a seamless experience before reaching the airport.

Reservation Confirmation

Securing a reservation for PDX airport parking is efficiently managed through an online booking system. This system promptly provides travelers a reservation code and essential details via email or text to ensure a guaranteed parking space upon arrival.

  • Receive immediate reservation confirmation and code.

  • Guaranteed parking spot at PDX

  • Smooth check-in process in the parking lot

  • Direct contact is available for reservation inquiries

Portland Airport Shuttle Services

Portland Airport offers a comprehensive shuttle service to facilitate seamless transportation between parking lots and the terminal. These shuttles run regularly, with designated stops and pick-up locations for easy access, including accommodations for persons with disabilities.

Moreover, service providers ensure shuttle service frequency meets passenger demand, providing a timely and efficient transit experience.

Shuttle Service Schedule

The shuttle service at Portland Airport operates around the clock, ensuring that travelers can access transportation to and from the parking lots at any hour.

  • Shuttle frequency varies to meet demand, with enhanced service during peak times.

  • All shuttles are wheelchair accessible, accommodating every passenger.

  • This shuttle service is offered free of charge to all parking customers.

  • The terminal is a short, convenient 5-10 minute shuttle ride away.

Shuttle Stops and Pick-Up Locations

Building on understanding the shuttle service schedule, it's essential to highlight the specific shuttle stops and pick-up locations available to travelers at Portland Airport.

These stops are strategically placed near the terminals for convenience, ensuring efficient transportation to and from the parking facilities.

With frequent shuttle runs, passengers can enjoy hassle-free access to their vehicles and the airport terminals, making their travel experience smoother.

Shuttle Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Understanding the needs of all travelers, Portland Airport offers shuttle services that are fully accessible to persons with disabilities, ensuring a seamless transportation experience to and from the terminal.

  • Portland Airport provides wheelchair-accessible shuttle services.

  • Shuttles are equipped to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges.

  • Assistance is available for help boarding or disembarking.

  • Wheelchair users can easily access shuttles for convenient transportation.

Shuttle Service Providers

Acknowledging the importance of accessibility, it is also vital to highlight the range of shuttle service providers offering seamless transportation for all Portland Airport passengers. These providers connect various parking lots with the terminals, ensuring timely and efficient transfers.

With well-trained drivers assisting with luggage and focusing on customer satisfaction, Portland's shuttle service enhances the overall travel experience, making transportation to and from the airport effortless.

Shuttle Service Frequency

How often do the shuttle services at Portland Airport operate, ensuring seamless connectivity for passengers?

  • The shuttle service runs with high frequency, minimizing wait times for passengers.

  • It offers quick and efficient transportation between parking areas and the terminal.

  • Operates 24/7, catering to travelers' schedules regardless of arrival or departure time.

  • Fully wheelchair accessible, ensuring all passengers, including those with mobility needs, can use the service quickly.

Portland Oregon Airport Parking Parking Tips

Navigating parking at Portland Oregon Airport efficiently requires knowledge of several key tips. Understanding the benefits of pre-booking parking, exploring off-site parking options, and utilizing parking lot security measures can significantly enhance the parking experience.

Additionally, leveraging electric vehicle charging stations and enrolling in parking rewards programs offer added convenience and value for travelers.

Pre-Booking Parking

Pre-booking your parking spot at Portland, Oregon Airport offers significant savings and ensures availability, particularly during busy travel.

  • Save money with discounted rates through pre-booking

  • Ensure your spot during peak travel times

  • Enjoy the convenience of online booking

  • Access additional amenities like shuttle service and valet options

Off-Site Parking Options with On-Air Parking

While pre-booking your parking spot at Portland Oregon Airport offers substantial benefits, exploring off-site parking options with On Air Parking further enhances savings and convenience for travelers.

These off-site facilities offer competitive rates starting at $4.99 per day and convenient shuttle services to the airport terminal.

With secure parking and 24-hour staff assistance, travelers can enjoy significant cost savings and peace of mind.

Parking Lot Security

Ensuring the safety of vehicles with around-the-clock security measures, Portland Oregon Airport's parking facilities prioritize travelers' peace of mind through extensive surveillance and patrol systems.

  • 24/7 security patrols maintain a safe and secure parking lot environment.

  • Comprehensive CCTV surveillance monitors the area continuously.

  • Well-lit facilities deter potential security threats.

  • A fenced perimeter enhances overall security, ensuring vehicles are kept in a protected space.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Building upon the comprehensive security measures in place, Portland Oregon Airport also accommodates the growing demand for sustainable travel by offering electric vehicle charging stations. Located in designated areas within the garage, these parking spaces feature stations owned and operated by the airport, providing a convenient and eco-friendly option for travelers.

The cost-effective solution ensures vehicles are charged and ready for the return journey, supporting sustainable transportation choices.

Parking Rewards Programs

Portland Oregon Airport introduces an advantageous parking rewards program, such as Spot Club, designed to allow travelers to earn points towards free parking and enjoy additional benefits.

  • Earn points for every dollar spent on parking, turning your parking expenses into future free parking spots.

  • Exclusive discounts and offers are available, making your parking experience more affordable.

  • Priority parking places for members, ensuring a convenient spot every time.

  • Access to detailed information and easy management of your parking lot account online.

Cheapest Portland Airport Parking with On Air Parking

On Air Parking offers rates starting at just $4.99 per day for travelers seeking the most affordable parking options at Portland Airport. This service includes a shuttle to the terminal, ensuring convenience and efficiency. Secure parking facilities guarantee peace of mind for travelers.

To enjoy these savings and benefits, customers can contact On Air Parking at 424-532-8940 to make reservations.

Its dedication to providing secure, accessible, and efficient parking solutions underscores its commitment to excellence in serving the aviation community.